former Governor Pablo Salazar Mendiguchia; accused and arrested!

03 Dec


Former Govenor arrested for Organized crime

Former Govenor arrested for Organized crime

The Attorney General of the State of Chiapas filed an arrest warrant against former Governor Pablo Salazar Mendiguchia, as probably responsible for the crimes of organized crime and operations with illegal proceeds .

According to authorities, he describes as “promoter” of the Alvarez Puga & Associates corporate, companies responsible for creating “phantom” under design “Outsourcing”, in order to evade the payment of obligations and duties to the treasury.

According to the criminal file, derived from the preliminary 043/FECDO/2011-05 composed of the Special Prosecutor against Organized Crime of the Office of Chiapas, the amounts received millionaire accused of illegally, as beneficiary of the company called “Consulting Business Organizational SC “.

In addition, the Office for Prevention and Heritage Registry of the Ministry of Public documented that at the end of his term as governor, Pablo Salazar Mendiguchia had two checking accounts totaled 687,000,860.96 pesos.

However, this does not coincide with the statements to the Tax Administration Service, since only in the Fiscal Year 2006, Salazar said Mendiguchía income in the amount of two million 318 thousand 979 pesos.

As part of the integration of a preliminary investigation, the Special Prosecutor Against Organized Crime also investigated José Antonio Aguilar Bodegas, who in his capacity as Managing General Partner of the firm Alvarez Puga & Associates scored the necessary guidance to subordinates include and transfer resources from different bank accounts, seeing as it benefited from the expert accountants check conducted by the Office of Chiapas.

In this sense, there are responsible elements that account for a number of deposits in favor of José Antonio Aguilar Bodegas by amounts ranging from 500 000 to one million pesos a month.

It was also learned that the company Aeraruim, SA de CV, has the worker José Antonio Aguilar Bodegas with a salary of one million five thousand nine hundred forty-five pesos, which contrasts with the statements by himself, saying he perceived 150 thousand pesos month for his work as CEO and partner of that office.

The system under which it operates the corporate Alvarez Puga & Associates offers the entrepreneur in charge at 100 percent of the labor affairs of the company, when it comes to federal taxes, local taxes, payment of social security, housing fund, among others.

The enterprise offers its customers to avoid the payment of these obligations, for which signed a services contract between the employer and Alvarez Puga, creating companies “ghost”.

The modus operandi was to engage in original company employees, who offered various amounts in order to make them believe they would become owners, effectively making them sign documents which appeared as owners and presidents.

In addition, we are delivering the checkbooks of the new company, documentation is signed blank allowing them to continue making financial transactions.

A new company called “integrated” which hire employees but do so under the scheme of “cooperative”, “society as a collective noun,” “social solidarity society,” “corporation” or “joint venture “so that instead of appearing as employees become cooperative partners, industrial partners and thus evade taxes

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