Policeman breaks the law; drug trafficking

04 Dec


Officer Kevin G. Pisano, 52

Officer Kevin G. Pisano, 52

A Fort Lauderdale police officer was arrested Friday night for delivering prescription pills to a paid informant, police said in a press conference Saturday afternoon.

At approximately 11:20 p.m., Officer Kevin G. Pisano, 52, sat in his cruiser in full uniform — a loaded firearm at his hip — and gave four 5-mg Percocet pills and one 5-mg Vicodin pill to the confidential informant. He was quickly arrested at 250 N, Andrews Ave,, and an additional Vicodin pill was found after a search of his vehicle.

“We took immediate action,” Fort Lauderdale police spokesman Travis Mandell said. “We have no reason to believe these actions extend beyond officer Pisano.”

Pisano is charged with armed delivery of oxycodone and hydrocodone and possession of hydrocodone.

According to Mandell, Pisano, who lives in Hobe Sound in Martin County, was hired in August of 2009 and assigned to the patrol division. Previously, he was a law enforcement officer in the state of New Jersey.

Detectives are still investigating how Pisano got the pills.

Pisano is currently on administrative leave with pay pending the official filing of charges by the State Attorney’s Office, and will be on administrative leave without pay once the charges are filed, Mandell said


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