Gulf Cartel members arrested;attack on the Sabino Gordo Bar and the Café Iguana?

06 Dec
Gulf Cartel members under lock and key!

Gulf Cartel members on display!

The Ministry of Defence presented 10 men, allegedly members of the Gulf Cartel, who would be associated with the attack on the Sabino Gordo Bar and the Café Iguana.

The event was held at the premises of the Ministerial Police, on Monday afternoon.

According to the statement, noted that on December 2 at 8:00 pm and managed the arrest of Francisco Salas, a 38-year-old Valdes Sergio Garza, 40, Cuitlahuac Mendoza Garza, 45, and Daniel Isacc Muñoz Ramirez, 25 years old.

They were arrested in Mexico in the colonial city of Monterrey and the military forces acted on information that allowed them to find the location of these suspects. That same day, at 12 noon, captured six others: Jesus Alejandro Gonzalez Manriquez, 23, Victor Manuel Juarez Cruz, “El Pelon”, 34, Nestor Molina Shaka, “The Turtle”, 22, King Melo Indalecio Rosas, “The Big Show”, 23, Margarito Martinez Valdez, “The Baby”, 35, and Jesus Enrique Uscanga Galo, “The Dog”, 26.

Note that the detainees were seized 10 rifles, 64 magazines, two hand grenades and fragmentation, three kilos of marijuana, five vehicles with different characteristics and properties.

In addition to its role in the massacre at the bar and nightclub, the latter located in the Old Town, the individuals said they had hanged a person on the bridge of the Pope, the individual appeared accompanied by a blanket.

The attack on the Sabino Gordo, took place on 8 July and he killed a dozen people.

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