Latin American Countries to mitigate High profits of Drug Cartels!

06 Dec


Primary currency for Drugs Trade

Prefered Currency of Drug dealers

The Central American countries, Colombia and the Dominican Republic today called on U.S.and other drug-consuming nations to “explore all alternatives” to reduce the “enormous profits” of drug trafficking and the violence it generates.

In closing the XIII Summit of the Mechanism of Tuxtla Dialogue and Agreement held in the Mexican city of Mérida, Member States adopted a joint declaration against organized crime and drug trafficking.

In the nine-point document, the countries of the Tuxtla Mechanism expressed concern about the high level of income that are organizations dedicated to drug trafficking.

An urged countries to explore drug usage and to look at all “possible means to eliminate the huge profits from these criminal groups and thereby prevent the movement of substances continue causing high levels of crime and violence.”

The organization further demanded “the U.S. Congress and the other producers and sellers of arms to regulate the transfer of assault weapons and other dangerous devices to criminal groups.”

The statement expresses the concern of the signatories for the great loss of lives at the hands of organized crime in their countries during the last decades, as well as diversification of criminal activities by these groups.

The president of Chile, Sebastián Piñera, who attended the summit as a special guest, expressed during the development of working sessions to support countries fighting drug trafficking. “Against the criminals can-not be weakness, complacency or doubt, because when we fall into it is they who move. We have no alternative but to give this fight with all our strength and attention within the framework of the law,” he said.

During the working sessions of the XIII Summit of the Tuxtla Mechanism addressed other issues such as ground transportation or energy interconnection.

Besides host Piñera, President Felipe Calderón, attended the summit, the leaders of Guatemala, Alvaro Colom of Honduras Porfirio Lobo, Panama, Ricardo Martinelli, the Dominican Republic, Leonel Fernandez, and Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega.

El Salvador, Belize and Colombia also participated at the ministerial level, and Costa Rica its first vice president, Alfio Piva.

The Mechanism of Tuxtla Dialogue and Agreement, which meets in 2011, was created in 1991 and has become the main forum for political dialogue in the Mesoamerican region.

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