Gulf Cartel members arrested; how many more?

07 Dec


Gulf Cartel members falling like flies!

Gulf Cartel members falling like flies!

On Monday federal and state authorities announced the capture of ten Gulf Cartel gunmen responsible for the murders earlier this year of patrons in 2 bars linked to retail drug sales by Los Zetas. 

Three patrons were killed in the Cafe Iguana in May and twenty patrons were murdered in the Sabino Gordo nightclub in July. Both bars allegedly served as “narcotienditas” where drugs were on sale to the public. Also seized during the arrests were 10 rifles, 64 magazines, 3 grenades and 5 vehicles. 

The men were identified as Francisco Salas, age 38; Sergio Valdés Garza, age 40; Cuitláhuac Mendoza Garza, age 45; Daniel Isaac Muñoz Ramírez, age 25; Jesús Alejandro González Manriquez, age 23; Víctor Manuel Juárez Cruz, “El Pelón”, age 34; Néstor Molina Xaca, “El Tortuga”, age 22; Rey Indalecio Melo Rosas, “El Big Show”, age 23; Margarito Martínez Valdez, “El Bebé”, age 35; and Jesús Enrique Uscanga Galo, “El Perro”, age 26.

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