PAN-Michoacan governor-elect denies links with drug cartels;

08 Dec

“I’ve never even said Fausto (Vallejo) is in collusion or a drug dealer, ever. I know Fausto and he is an honorable person,” says state leader

Morelia, Michoacan., The leader of the National Action Party (PAN) in Michoacan, Germain Tena Fernández, reiterated today that organized crime endorsed the Institutional Revolutionary Party(PRI) in the last elections in the state, “but we have never said that the PRI is collusion.”

PAN Michoacan Govenor elect!
PAN Michoacan Govenor elect!

In the traditional press conference Wednesday, said that criminal groups had supported the tricolor to inhibit PAN vote.

He denied that the PAN believes that the governor-elect, Fausto Vallejo, having links with drug trafficking and, instead, called the PRI as an honorable person.

He explained that what is trying to prove in court is that the involvement of organized crime was decisive in the election results and in this regard, said that the PAN will be subject to the authorities to determine.

“I’ve never even said Fausto (Vallejo) is collusion or drug dealer, ever. I know Fausto and is honorable for me, I think it could have said and argued that organized crime is helped,” he said.

Tena Fernández predicted that the challenge to the election for governor will not be in the Electoral Court of the State of Michoacan, so you’ll have to let off steam in the federal courts.

In this regard, he noted that if the blue and white wins the challenge, surely the PRI call on the federal government (TEPJF) and in case the PAN lost, also resort to a second instance


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