36 criminals captured in Nuevo Leon in less than 24 hours!

10 Dec
los Zetas criminals captured

los Zetas criminals captured

Within 24 hours, the authorities reported the capture of 36 members of organized crime among narco-distributors operating in the municipality of Juárez and members of organized crime in the town of Hidalgo operating in Monterrey and its metropolitan area.

In the first case, the Attorney General’s Office (PGR) presented on Thursday night a group of 18 narco-gangsters. The Ministry of National Defense (SEDENA) reported that the military stopped an operation performed on 6 December in the town of Juarez.

The men, who confessed to being part of the criminal group Los Zetas, were identified as Luis César Sánchez Martínez, aka El Fito, Ramon Alvarado Jesus Ramos, alias Ramon Espinosa Jairo Martinez, Jose Fernando Colunga Coronado, alias El Guero, and Milton Vazquez Moreno. Vázquez José Guadalupe Rosales also, alias The Hunger, Sergio Rolando Flores Rojas, nicknamed La Mojarra, Jorge Becerra Perea, alias York, Juan Antonio Santana Partida, nicknamed the Pelon, Ruben Flores Cepeda, alias El Monterrey, and Everardo Garza Sifuentes, nicknamed The Ever; Juan de Dios Castillo Rincon, aka The Juanillo, Carlos Martinez Rosales, nicknamed Don Carlitos, Angel Mario Garcia Rangel, José Adrián Gómez Lara and Juan Manuel Godinez Rosales.

They confiscated 469 doses of marijuana, 726 of crack cocaine, 216 doses of cocaine powder, 178 grams of the cocaine in powder form, two AK-47 assault rifles, a caliber 22 mm square with three ammunition magazines, 174 cartridges, four vehicles, 33,818 dollars.

Meanwhile, on that same Thursday night, soldiers of the Army surprised a group of alleged assassins, who saw the match-Santos Tigers in a bar in the municipality of Hidalgo, Nuevo León. On a routine investigation encountered the presence of armed men outside a bar located on the street Ninos Heroes, in the center of the site. Noting the presence of the soldiers they started a shootout that ended with the death of a suspected hit man and the capture of 18 men, including the chief place identified only as El Chico. In his arrest were also seized grenades, guns, cash, four luxury trucks and two cars of recent model .

The alleged gunman was shot inside one of the trucks parked on site. The detainees were transferred to the city of Monterrey to be made ​​available to the relevant authorities.

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