344 thousand children detected at the border of Central Chihuahua

11 Dec


travelling alone with no documentation

travelling alone with no documentation

344 thousand children detected at the border of Central Chihuahua

On average each day, four children alone trying to cross the border into the states have been deported by the authorities of the USA.

A total of 344 thousand American children traveling unaccompanied by an adult, and trying to reach the United States by the frontier of Chihuahua have been deported this year, immigration authorities.

The National Migration Institute (INM), through its delegate, Humberto Francisco Uranga Urias said that from January 2010 to November 2011 amounted to 2,959 foreign minors traveling alone detected and without documentation.

The average removals of children during the first 11 months of this year is four per day, while last year was five per day, and then were returned to their homes under 796 , he said.

According to figures from the INM, for the past 23 months have also been deported 23,942 adults who traveled to the states without documentation establishing their legal status, 70 percent of them from El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala.

Uriah Uranga reported that when a child is found traveling alone, INM specialized staff contacts the family through the embassies, to ensure they arrive safely to their places of origin.

The official pointed out how easy it is to visit Mexico and get even permanent residence, for even in the airports there INM modules where permits are issued.

The Institute reported that in the state of Chihuahua 7,500 legally resident foreign nationals from over 60 countries, mainly U.S. and Canada.

Uriah Uranga said that besides the above countries legally resident in Chihuahua native of China, Brazil, Kenya, Argentina, Chile, Spain, Egypt, France, Morocco, Cuba, El Salvador, Ukraine and 46 countries

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