Riots at Women’s Penal de Santa Martha Acatitla, Mexico City!

11 Dec
Riots in Mexcan womens prison

Riots in Mexican Women's prison

This was the seventh riot at the prison in recent times. A large police mobilization was reported in the vicinity of the Women’s Penal de Santa Martha Acatitla east of Mexico City, because a group of prisoners rioted at the detention center.

The city authorities moved to the area after receiving a report of a criminal riot when in the prisoners burned mattresses and trash in demand to conduct a review of the conditions in the prison.

Version says that last night an inmate committed suicide and the authorities have implemented security measures in the room number 9.

Found dead inside a cell

Prison officials of the Social Rehabilitation Center Santa Martha Acatitla reported finding a dead woman in the inner area.

So far, unknown causes of the death of the woman that has not been given to know the name, it is unknown whether it was suicide or murder.

From noon, several internal protested the death of the woman and had several confrontations between inmates. Reports indicate that there is no internal flight or gun shots.

Women came to the place grenadiers of the Directorate General of Prisons and the Ministry of Public Security in Mexico City.

Saturday is visiting day, no one can enter or leave the center as a precaution. When the prison authorities made internal count and try to separate the groups clashed.

Therefore, the prison authorities had to evacuate the families that this day visited inmates, reported that so far the disturbance was controlled by the computer Shark Public Security Secretariat DF

The capital’s prison system, headed by Celina Oceguera, has not given details.

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