Murder for Christmas in Cancun!

12 Dec


Christmas death in Cancun

Christmas death in Cancun

Two main groups operate in Cancun; Los Zetas and a late arrival known as Los Pelones. There are also reports that La Familia Michoacana has made inroads into Cancun and they may now control the drug trade in the tourist resort area of the city. 

The tourist areas facing the Caribbean are safe for visitors but the same cannot be said for the mainland city where the low wage tourist industry workers live, and a high crime rate persists.  The latest victim of cartel warfare was Domingo Jiménez Pérez, 34 years old, and originally from the state of Chiapas.  Jimenez’s decapitated body was found Thursday night in the interior of a taxi that had been carjacked earlier that afternoon.

The head was also in the taxi’s interior.  A narco message was placed next to the body that included a drawing of a christmas tree and read: Esto le va a pasar a toda la gente del Mosco, Enrique Salinas Espino alias El Papaya, Homero Figueroa Meza alias El Tripa, El Burro y todos los que lo ayudan. Feliz Navidad, Jo, Jo, Jo”  This will happen to all the people of el Mosco; Enrique Salinas Espino, El Papaya; Homero Figueroa Meza, El Tripa; El Burro and all those that help them.  Merry Christmas, jo jo jo. 

 The Quintana Roo media did not mention a signature on the message.  El Mosco has been identified as Dámasso Antonio Lanché Avila, a bulk used clothes salesman that has been linked to Los Pelones and is said to be a cell leader of that group.  El Mosco survived an attempt on his life last month and may have been seriously injured.  Two other men were executed in Cancun last week . They were identified as Alfredo Arciga Paniagua and José Diego Morán Favila, both used car salesmen.

Their bodies were found inside a vehicle that was abandoned behind a private school in Cancun. Both had died from gunshot wounds and may have been executed by the same killers as Thursday’s homicide.  The men’s relatives stated that both victims were killed by Los Zetas for being unable to pay an extortion “cuota”.  Another explanation for the killing is that both men may be linked to Los Pelones and El Mosco. The Christmas themed message found in the vehicle read:  “Por extorsionadores y por ratas. Feliz Navidad Jo Jo Jo Jo”.  For being extortionists and rats. Merry Christmas Jo Jo Jo

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