disappearance of Vazquez Navarro;Beltran Leyva brothers are responsible

15 Dec

Missing or just kidnapped by Sinaloa!

MEXICO CITY, December 14 .- Esau Vazquez Navarro, deputy representative of the federal agency assigned to the north of Sinaloa, was intercepted by a command in Culiacan

The official from the PGR was intercepted last Saturday at the Boulevard Rolando Arjona Culiacan, allegedly by a commando of gunmen.

The delegate of the PGR, Enrique Taboada said Feregrino investigates the disappearance of Vazquez Navarro and the likely involvement of organized crime in the incident.

Taboada Feregrino denied the existence of another victim in the attack against Esau subdelegado Vazquez added that he found the lifeless body of the missing

It ruled that the criminal group “Los Mazatlecos” led by the Beltran Leyva brothers are responsible for the attack, also said the motive is investigated

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