Perceived as a less violent Juarez; is this perception or deception?

15 Dec
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An evaluation of a federal safety program located behind the cities of Nuevo León, Veracruz and Guerrero

Arturo Valenzuela Zorrilla, spokesman for the federal program Todos Somos Juarez, said that the border was no longer the most violent city in the country, to settle at the fourth or fifth place, after the cities of New León, Veracruz and Guerrero.


The month of November, for example, was the period where there were fewer homicides so far this year, with 100 officially registered cases.

Soldiers on the guard in Juarez!
Soldiers on the guard in Juarez!

However, the figure is still high, because until that month you have 890 thousand murders, more than four thousand cars stolen with violence, 67 kidnappings, 103 cases reported story collection, and about 10 000 vehicles were stolen in public.

The announcement was made ​​by the Security Bureau of the program Todos Somos Juarez, at the launch of the official website of this organization citizen at an event held in the facilities of the Attorney General’s Office in Ciudad Juarez.

During his report to the Government, the Chihuahua leader Cesar Duarte Jaquez, said that it has been reduced by 50 percent crime rate.

Yesterday revealed that the 203 kidnappers have been arrested in the state, some of whom were sentenced to life imprisonment.

In October, Duarte Jaquez said that through the model unit of the State Attorney, 135 kidnappings were resolved based on the research, 158 people were arrested for participating in this crime have been disjointed and 40 bands.

Commenting on the decline in crime rates in Ciudad Juarez, Valenzuela Zorrilla said that the cities of Nuevo León, Veracruz and Guerrero areas have become more violent Ciudad Juarez, but considered that this is not at all encouraging, as while in November there were 100 homicides, the goal is expected to register only fifty a month.

He said that the assessment now is that Ciudad Juarez is not as violent as in 2008, 2009 and 2010-which earned him the nickname even the most violent city in the world, and is based on indicators of violence, which are systematically collected by the State Attorney’s Office in coordination with the Bureau of Security Are All Juárez program.

The company assesses Mexico and the Autonomous University of Ciudad Juarez to carry out parallel measurements makes the Prosecutor’s Office, to give them greater certainty and reduce the suspicion of makeup in the figures, especially when the complaints filed against the Attorney General, said.

One obstacle to the work of the Security Bureau is the lack of resources to build surveys or measurements in the street, he announced that it will request resources, mainly for this and hire specialists in handling methods for obtaining such information and generate new indicators more reliable.

On this issue, the prosecution yesterday in the Northern Zone, Jorge Gonzalez Nicolas said “the city is heading in terms of reduction in crimes such as murder, car theft and kidnapping, but there are still unmet needs in terms of extortion.”

The special prosecutor in the Prosecution of Crime, said that safety figures of 2011 “are not to be presumed, but compared with those of the past year or year and a half, we demonstrated that Juarenses course and are well above the quality up about two years ago. “

Nicolas Gonzalez said that approximately 800 businesses do not pay extortion or collection for floor space.

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