MEXICO CITY, Guarantee that identity theft is punishable by 12 years in prison!

16 Dec
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Chamber of Deputies approves the high credit card theft, voter credentials and other identifications

The full House of Representatives approved punishable by up to 12 years in jail those who commit identity theft for fraud purposes.

The penalty is set at the high number of offenses arising from the theft of credit cards, voter credentials and other identifications.

During the regular session in San Lazaro was approved by 365 votes and two abstentions, the reform promoted by the PRI federal deputy, Arturo Zamora Jimenez.

The reform emphasizes that “Identity theft is one of the white-collar crime with the highest rate of growth in the world and consequently in Mexico.”

In the opinion previously endorsed by the Committee on Justice and turned over to the Senate for analysis indicates that fraudsters and thieves are no longer looking to steal a wallet to take the money, but it is more lucrative for them to appropriate identifications for abuse credit cards, debit cards, checks and any document that has personal information.

He explains that identity theft occurs when someone poses as another person and uses personal information of a financial nature to borrow, credit cards, purchase goods, obtain cell phones, which will later be charged to the true owner of the stolen .

According to the National Commission for the Defense of Users of Financial Institutions, each year approximately 400 000 people are victims of identity theft, internet being the main medium.

Jiménez Zamora said the fraud related to identity theft by 108 million pesos were made in Mexico in 2010, up from ATM theft in that year was 87 million pesos, according to the Bank of Mexico.

The three main sources of information for those who commit identity theft are: loss of documentation, the theft of purses and briefcases, and information taken directly from a bank card.

It is estimated that Mexico ranks eighth among the world’s countries with high incidence of this crime.

The reform of Article 387 of the Federal Penal Code, notes that punish those who commit this crime or misused any identification, key bank personal identification, or any other identification documents belonging to another.

This punishment may be applied up to 12 years imprisonment on anyone who commits identity theft defraud purposes, considering the amount defrauded.

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