Grenade attack on Los Zetas, people killed! Was it the Sinaloa Cartel?

18 Dec
Map showing the Rio Grande drainage basin.

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Suspected members of the Sinaloa cartel, headed by Joaquin El Chapo Guzman, using grenades and heavy weapons attacked municipal police and civilians suspected of being drug dealers for Los Zetas in Fresnillo, Jerez, Río Grande, Sombrerete and in Zacatecas. In the fighting four people were killed and eight were wounded by the grenade.

After the attacks, a group of the gunmen went inside the premises of the Regional General Hospital in the capital, threatened the medical staff and took three of the four wounded had been brought to the hospital medical treatment.

In a first report, the Attorney General of the State (PGJE) attributed the events to “clashes between low level drug dealers or narcomenudistas”, and reported six people injured in the community of La Rosita, west of the capital, where a grenade was detonated in a business.

Apparently, this attack was directed at two men who were at the location identified as Rafael Ramos and Vicente Escobedo, who are among the six injured, four of whom were taken to General Hospital and two to the IMSS hospital in the capital.

Two of them were reported to be in serious condition, others were reported to have wounds caused by shrapnel, which also damaged the sides of buildings and vehicles parked nearby, as reported by the PGJE.

Although not directly confirmed by authorities, a source close to General Hospital confirmed that shortly after four of the wounded were admitted to the hospital, an armed commando took away three of them at gun point.
In another attack, which was confirmed by the Attorney General Arturo Nahle Garcia, occurred at the premises of the Municipal Police in Fresno, where sicarios traveling in several vehicles detonated another grenade.
According to the prosecutor, the explosive device only caused damage to the wall of the building and also to vehicles parked outside, but there was unofficial information that two agents of the Preventive Police were injured by shrapnel.

During the day various local media outlets and eyewitnesses accounts reported to the Military Zone as well as radio news, that similar attacks were also made in Jerez, Rio Grande and Sombrerete.
In Jerez, a group of about 70 men in 20 vehicles entered the city and came to the offices of the Municipal Police, where they took away several preventive police officers at gunpoint.

Several hours later the police officers were brought back with blunt injuries to their bodies.
According to testimony by citizens of Jerez, a suspected safe house believed to belong to Los Zetas was attacked by a commando that sparked a shootout with another group inside that resulted in at least four of the gunmen killed.

The attackers took the bodies of the dead men with them only leaving the traces of blood. The PGJE sent security personnel to protect the house in order to allow investigators to process the scene.

At other houses that were potentially safe houses for Los Zetas in Sombrerete and Rio Grande, near Durango and Torreon, they were also attacked by commandos in similar circumstances where grenades were also detonated.

Helicopters of the Federal Police (PF) conducted a search in the area for the attackers of both incidents but they were unable to locate them.


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