Students Identify murder suspect- Jorge N, The Tattooed- GUADALAJARA,

19 Dec


The Tattooed wanted for murder of students

The Tattooed wanted for murder of students

Students Identify murderer suspect- as Jorge N, The Tattooed GUADALAJARA,

This is the murderer being sought for his alleged involvement in the killing of four students and one parent

One of the alleged murderers of four students and the father of one of them is called Jorge N, aka The Tattooed , who is linked to the Student Federation of Guadalajara, according to research by the Jalisco Attorney’s Office.

In September 2007, The Tattooed led a beating of students in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CUCSH) at the University of Guadalajara. The man went to the premises and confronted students of the Student Federation of Guadalajara (FEG), putting together a battle that left two injured youths who required hospitalization.

The tattooed , according to information from the Attorney General, has a criminal record. He also notes that many of the resources that come from the collection stands for the right street floor of Guadalajara and is close to the Mayo Rodriguez, alderman of Tonala the same authorities who placed moral leader of the FEG.

Currently, and after the discovery of the bodies in the FEG, The Tattooed has not been located. The last time I saw him in Guadalajara Israel was accompanied by Marshal Quezada, visible leader of the FEG, whose lawyers, it was learned, have requested an injunction to prevent his arrest.

Quezada Mariscal was interviewed on a radio station in Guadalajara.

– Who is responsible or who believe it is the responsibility for these killings and the bodies found? They asked.

I have no idea.

He speaks of a person who told The Tattooed, an alleged member of the Student Federation of Guadalajara, as the perpetrator. Did you know this person?

This person was the caretaker of the building, he was in charge of overseeing care facilities during the night, but that he was armed and all that, they know.

He said the past weekend, the day of discovery of the bodies, was out of town.

He explained that the back and see the tragedy tried to contact the caretaker, but failed to make contact with him and said that there is an association of merchants, which are arranged to collect dues.

He said the FEG provides legal advice and medical care, and if anyone knows of a case of extortion, which denounces it to the authorities.

He said that is appalled: “All union members to the Student Federation of Guadalajara condemn any act that takes a commission of a crime, in whatever form, which is why we are willing to assist with the authorities to continue as usual, doing their work in clarifying the facts. “

As you may recall, last December 15 the Attorney General of Jalisco found two more bodies on the premises of the Student Federation of Guadalajara, which joined the bodies of five students missing days earlier.

The attorney general of Jalisco, Tomas Coronado Olmos said that the remains had four to five days of evolution mortis. The young models were found bodies buried in a pit that was located on a tract of land, located between the locker room of the football and handball courts of the facilities of the FEG, decaying and covered with what appeared is lime.

So far no arrests, but apparently they are already on the trail. The killers could have left the city.

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