Obama Criticizes Chavez for laxity to drug trafficking and terrorism!

20 Dec
Venezuela's Chavez no interest in stopping Drugs or Terrorism
Venezuela’s Chavez no interest in stopping Drugs or Terrorism


US President accuses Caracas of having little interest in fighting drug trafficking, condemns ties with Iran

The U.S. president, Barack Obama, said in an interview published today its concern about some “actions” of the Government of Venezuela, which, in his view, restrict “the rights of the people” and threaten ” democratic principles. ” In a questionnaire answered the Caracas daily El Universal , Obama also said that the bonds of the Government of Hugo Chavez to Iran and Cuba “have not benefited the interests” of the country “or its people.” “We are concerned government actions that have restricted the rights of the Venezuelan people, threatened the basic democratic values ​​and stopped contributing to security in the region, “Obama said. The U.S. president said specifically “great concern” at the “measures to restrict freedom press “and” erode the separation of powers “in Venezuela.”We must call attention when we saw a threat to democratic principles. In Venezuela we have felt a great concern to see that they have taken steps to restrict press freedom and to erode the separation of powers, “he said.

Little interest in drug trafficking and terrorism, the head of state also noted that although the governments of Venezuela and the United States can and should cooperate on issues of mutual interest and make common efforts to prevent terrorism and drug trafficking, Venezuelan authorities have not shown much interest in this regard.

“For personal reasons, so far, authorities have shown little interest in such cooperation,” he said. Obama said his government does not lose sight of the relations between Iran and Venezuela, but said the United States has no intention of intervening in the Caribbean country’s foreign relations. “Sooner or later the people of Venezuela will have to determine what possible advantage gives you have a relationship with a country that violates universal human rights and the Government of Iran has consistently supported international terrorism continues to promote Tehran’s nuclear program, “said the president.

 “In the Americas we view Iranian activities, including Venezuela, very seriously and continue to monitor closely,” he said. The U.S. president said at this point that the world community, which is inserted in Venezuela, has a responsibility to abide by its international obligations, including the implementation of resolutions and sanctions on Iran issued by the Security Council of the United Nations.

Obama recalled that his Government had made ​​its concerns known to Venezuela on this issue and stressed that recently imposed sanctions on Venezuelan state-owned Petroleos de Venezuela (PDVSA) to sell gasoline

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