203 people arrested and the seizure of 12 million dollars in narcotics! Sinaloa cartel

21 Dec
Phoenix Arizona hits El Chapos' Sinalo cartel

Phoenix Arizona hits El Chapos' Sinaloa cartel

Phoenix .- An operation against a drug ring linked to the Sinaloa cartel led to the arrest of 203 people and the seizure of 12 million dollars in narcotics, said Tuesday the Attorney General of Arizona.

As part of the 15-month investigation also seized $ 7.8 million in cash.

“It’s an obscene amount of money and drugs have been withdrawn from the streets, and these figures reflect the serious problem of drug trafficking in our communities,” said state Attorney General, Tom Horne, during a news conference.

The operation began when an officer of the Police Department Tempe City arrested a man who performed a transaction of purchase and sale of drugs.

The man said he gave amphetamines to several customers in the city of Phoenix.

The research, which cooperated in the United States Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), led the authorities to detect several dealers in different parts of the city.

This drug network has a direct connection with the Sinaloa Cartel operations in Mexico and spread to other states like Kansas, Colorado, Utah, Nevada and Wyoming.

The authorities seized 650 pounds of marijuana, 435 pounds of amphetamines, 123 pounds of cocaine and 4.5 pounds of heroin.

Only one of the homes in Phoenix was seized $ 1.1 million in cash

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