Sedena dismantled 64 clandestine labs in the states of Michoacan, Queretaro and Guanajuato.

28 Dec
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Tons of drugs confiscated 2011

Tons of drugs confiscated 2011

The Ministry of National Defense (Sedena) through the Command of Military Region XII, said that in 2011 dismantled 64 clandestine labs where synthetic drugs are processed in the states of Michoacan, Queretaro and Guanajuato.

In the case of Guanaco, five laboratories were located, which processes the drug known as meth.

During the same period 2011, Sedena have secured 954 thousand rifles, 918 handguns, 431,600 cartridge magazine, 279 grenades and 209,210 cartridges of different calibers.

Additionally, seized was $ 537,738,000, and 399 thousand vehicles, which was a blow to the finances of the drug, in addition to 625 people were arrested.

The Department of Defense reported that as a result of the permanent campaign against drug trafficking and organized crime carried out by the Army and the Mexican Air Force destroyed 13,880 marijuana plants on 425 hectares, 64,805 kilograms of marijuana in loggerheads, 690 kilograms seed, 70 poppy plantations over 12 hectares, 10 thousand kilograms of cocaine and 918 doses of methamphetamine.

In raids in Guanajuato confiscated 169,000 pesos, 54 guns of different calibers and 48 vehicles, 279 kilograms of marijuana in squabbling, a kilo of marijuana seeds, 25 kilos of synthetic drugs, 171 grams of cocaine and 78 psychotropic pills.

They also arrested 115 people, 13 of them allegedly ordered Pemex pipeline, and secured more than 8000 liters of fuel stolen

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