They offer 5 million pesos reward for murderers of Adriana Morlett

28 Dec

The Attorney General’s Office published the rewards that he hopes will help solve 14 cases of kidnapping

5 million pesoes reward for killers
5 million pesoes reward for killers


MEXICO CITY, December 28 .- By means of Agreement No. A / 191 / 11, the Attorney General’s Office (PGR) decided to offer five million pesos as a reward to anyone with reliable and useful information to find those responsible for kidnapping and murder of Adriana Espinosa Morlett Eugenia.

The PGR justified, despite having made several inquiries, “has not been possible to find evidence of those responsible for the death of the young student of architecture,” whose remains were found last year in the Tlalpan delegation, but then no I knew they were of the young student, but until a month ago.

The PGR argued the offer of money, “the seriousness of the conduct being investigated and the degree of violence used to the detriment of the victim, (and) repeated commission of such crimes by criminal organizations pose a risk security and peace of society, which must be countered with proper performance of state institutions. “

It explains that “in the fight against crime, brave and decisive collaboration of society is an effective tool, particularly by providing reliable and useful information to aid efficient, effective and timely investigations and inquiries made by the Ministry public or to the location and arrest of alleged perpetrators of crimes which, by its severity and extent of violence, threaten the public peace and tranquility.

Morlett Adriana disappeared on September 6, 2010, after leaving the Central Library of the University City with his friend Mauro Alberto Rodriguez, who saw her last known alive, after he was allegedly deprived of his liberty, reason began an investigation in the Attorney General of the Federal District (PGJDF).

On March 3, 2011, the Special Unit for Research on Child Trafficking and Organ Undocumented (UEITMIO) under the PGR began an investigation into the possible commission of crimes of trafficking and organized crime, by exercising its power of attraction.

The remains of the young woman was identified after a series of DNA tests conducted by experts from Argentina and is sent to one of the best laboratories in the world, Larton, Virginia. On November 30 the family was informed of the discovery of the body of Adriana.

The family requested the PGR Morlett continue the investigation to find those responsible for the death of the girl.

“The unfortunate and violent circumstances in which were found a portion of their remains and the role of the authorities leads us to ask much more anger and indignation the clarification of these facts. So the family Morlett Espinosa asked the PGR to be the SIEDO that is continuing with the investigation of the facts until they are fully clarified.

“For us, his family, it is difficult to overcome this loss, because it harbored the hope of recovering our daughter, but now launched a desperate cry for Adri demands justice,” they said in a statement.

They offer money to solve other 13 cases

The PGR offered large rewards for solving 14 cases of kidnappings by organized crime, most police officers:

Offered ten million dollars for reports to be traced to seven policemen and a civilian abducted in November 2009, apparently by La Familia Michoacana .

An equal sum was offered for information needed to find four officers from the Office of Durango, including a woman, kidnapped in 2010 by the band of El Guero Bullets .

Offered five million pesos for pointing out those guilty of Francisco Fernandez, an engineer in Tijuana in 2006, among others.

In Mexico in 2010 were committed thousand 847 kidnappings and 136 cases, the victims were killed, according to NGOs

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