‘The Mil Amores’ Julio Cesar Perez arrested Ciudad Juarez

29 Dec


AKA- The thousand loves- arrested

AKA- The thousand loves- arrested

Julio Cesar Perez was allegedly responsible for planning kidnappings, executions and blackmailing merchants

The municipal Public Security Ministry arrested Julio Cesar Perez, “The thousand loves’, one of the main operators of the criminal organization ‘The Line’, said the official spokesperson of the council, Manuel del Castillo.

He announced that ‘The Mil Amores “was allegedly responsible for planning kidnappings, executions and the blackmailing merchants by this criminal group.

He said also the Attorney General’s Office (FGE) took up the case to hear common law offenses committed by the group leader who is considered the successor of ‘El Diego’, arrested in July.

To prevent members of the criminal organization from escaping, dozens of police units sealed off the station Municipal Center, located in Gold and September 16, where he held the detainees.

Even the Attorney General’s Office requested the support of the Mexican army, so the military group stationed in the street Henry Dunant and Miguel de Cervantes was mobilized to guard the place.

He noted that along with ‘The thousand loves’, three other men were arrested during the operation that led the municipal head of the agency, Julian Leyzaola, who will be made available to the Secretariat of National Defense (SEDENA).

This morning, subjects who were traveling in a van Windstar shot eight times against a woman who was about to board his car, compared to a gym he owned in the colony Felipe Angeles.

The Municipal Public Security Ministry was alerted by neighbors through the 066 emergency service, who said the motive was the refusal of women to pay the ‘fee’ to the criminal group, also version of the Municipal Police.

Soon after, members of the corporation, after a chase, arrested two men on a Ford Windstar, who were found two firearms.

The two people arrested betrayed his boss, who was in a safe house located at the intersection of Los Mochis and the colonial Guanajuato Felipe Angeles, said the corporation itself.

There, the agents who participated in the operation to find ‘El Mil Amores’, who was accompanied by his deputy and who were seized guns, tactical gear, cartridges and drugs.

According to the head of the agency, “The thousand loves’ is the successor to Jose Antonio Acosta Hernandez, ‘El Diego’, who led ‘The Line’ until he was arrested last July and who has agreed to have ordered one thousand five hundred executions.


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