Public Safety Department of Cancun arrested an alleged leader of the “Pelones”;

31 Dec
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Cancun PSD arrested an alleged leader of the “Pelones”

CANCUN, QR. One of the main leaders of the band “The Pelones” in the city of Cancun, was captured by members of the Public Safety Department of the municipality of Benito Juarez, after executing two men accidentally This evening at a popular region.

This is Juan Manuel N, alias “El Tamaulipas“, “El Tamal” or “Tamaulipas”, who according to Mexico Platform system is linked to at least a dozen murders, which include Eli Sanchez Cruz, Concepcion Guillen, Jovita Morales and Alejandro Miravete.

The attorney general of Quintana Roo, on Friday said the arrest “Tamaulipas”Gaspar Armando Garcia Torres, who along with two other suspects, dubbed “fishy” and “The huacho” last night planned the murder of a taxi driver and a contractor in the region 221 of the city.

“The Tamaulipas” confused one of the deceased as the “Grim Reaper“, a member of another organized crime group, who should be killed on behalf of another individual nicknamed “Quique”, whose girlfriend, identified as Laura tried to kill him some time ago, while pregnant, the official state.

Last night, “The Reaper” escaped at the time of the attack in the region 221, but “Tamaulipas” and his companions who drove the vehicle shot the driver and the contractor, who died.

The incident was reported to local police elements in Cancun and was deployed operation, supported by the State Judicial Police, the Mexican Army and Navy of Mexico, who chased “The Tamaulipas” through the streets of the city. He went into a green area located in the Northern Arc, and finally was arrested, along with a policeman in active service, called Antelmo Lopez Matos, who was made ​​available by insults to the authority and is subject to investigation.

The authorities also seized weapons an AK-47, eight chargers “Goat Horns” loaded with 35 rounds of ammunition each, caliber 7.62, three ski masks and guns.

Separately, Public Safety Secretary Cancun, Jesus Aiza Kalufa, reported that at the time of arrest, “The Tamaulipas” tried to confuse, to Dzul identified as Alfonso Castro, 26. However, it was located its true identity.

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