daily average of 49 people, kidnapped in Mexico this year [2011]

01 Jan


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The figure represents 32% increase over the victims of 2010, establishing the Council for Law and Human Rights

A daily average of 49 people were kidnapped in Mexico this year [2011], with a notable increase over 2010 victims, reported the Council for Law and Human Rights (CLDH).

Data from the nongovernmental organization (NGO) indicate that during 2011 the country recorded a total of 17,889 kidnappings, 32 percent more than the figure for 2010 (13,505 cases).

“It should be noted that the formal complaint to the authorities maintained a rate of one complaint for every ten cases,” the president of CLDH, Fernando Ruiz, said in a statement sent to Efe by email.

The figures do not include the kidnappings provided “express”, which lasts several hours, and only in the Mexican capital hundreds are committed every day, in most cases with the complicity of taxi drivers, according to CLDH.

This organization was founded in 1991 and specializes in assisting victims of kidnappings and extortion, as well as investigating cases of corruption within the security forces.

The CLDH also noted that kidnapping gangs have increased the use of technology to commit their crimes, and there are cases in which the negotiations between captors and relatives of the victims was held outside the country.

“That is, some kidnapping gangs have international influence, which makes it impossible to capture and achieved a partial identification of its members,” said the NGO.

The organization also reported that increased police and military involvement in kidnapping operations, from 70 percent of cases in the first half of 2011 to 80 percent in the second half.

“Their level of participation ranging from filtration profile information and protection of the victim during the kidnapping, to the direct realization of the kidnappings,” the statement added CLDH President.

According to official reports, one/third of all kidnappers arrested by Federal Police in Mexico have ties to drug gangs


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