MEXICO CITY, agents seized and tortured 5 people into pleading guilty to murder

02 Jan


agents torture 5 people into pleading guilty

agents torture 5 people into pleading guilty

MEXICO CITY, NHRC Issues Recommendation to the Federal Police in Juarez tort

Without a warrant, agents had already seized and tortured 5 people into pleading guilty to murder and belonging to a gang

The National Commission on Human Rights (CNDH) issued recommendation 75/2011 addressed to the Federal Ministry of Public Security (SSPF), which is evidence of the offense to five victims in Ciudad Juarez , Chihuahua, who were arrested by Federal Police.

In a statement, the CNDH said that not show them any order issued by competent authorities on the grounds of being part of the crime, the victims were detained, interrogated and subjected them to torture to be declared guilty of murder and accept that belonging to a gang.

In this case, based on research, the CNDH found that these people stayed unreasonably withheld for at least 20 hours, thus transgressing the federal Constitution.

In addition, the national ombudsman’s office also noted that there were human rights violations to the law, integrity and personal security consisting of illegal restraint and torture attributed to public servants.

In this case, the NHRC asked the SSPF to take the necessary steps to repair harm to victims by providing physical and psychological treatment and instructions to turn imparts a training program and comprehensive training in human rights to members of the Federal Police.

The recommendation states that are issued to provide video recording equipment that can demonstrate the behavior of these public servants during detention procedures are performed to verify the principles of legality, objectivity, efficiency, professionalism and honesty.

In addition, we determined that the SSPF should work with the CNDH in processing the complaint, the presentation and prosecution of the complaint.




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