MEXICO CITY, An outflow of top young professionals to the United States

02 Jan
Mexico's young professionals going to USA
Mexico’s young professionals going to USA

MEXICO CITY, An outflow of top young professionals to the United States

Most of the 767 deaths recorded in 2011 were young people with secondary and higher education, while trying to cross the border.

The 2011 was one of the years with the largest number of Mexicans killed trying to cross the U.S. border, reaching the figure of 767 deaths, most of them young and educated women of secondary and higher education.

He noted in a report by the legal vice coordination, the PRI in the Chamber of Deputies and the Ministry of Immigrant Affairs of CNOP, which coordinates Edmundo Ramirez Martinez, where he adds that the lack of employment opportunities and violence in Mexico is bordering young professionals across the border without documents not get visas.

In this sense, the PRI federal deputy Arturo Zamora Jimenez stated that the zero generation of sources of jobs has more than 2.5 million Mexicans, most young professionals, is leading to increased migration of this sector in search opportunities in the United States.

“Now you lead the exodus of educated young people and higher education and also women with high education, who have not found in these 10 years of PAN government responses in labor and there are works in underemployment, street vendors or in the ranks of crime, “he said.

Also the legal deputy coordinator of the PRI in San Lazaro, who described 2011 as a “black year” for Mexican and Central American migrants, the increase of violence not only on the northern border, but almost everywhere in the country, which affects Central Americans also.

The report adds that the 767 killed in US-Mexico border, 85 percent were young men and women aged 15 to 29 years.

Ie 652 of the deaths by drowning, deshidratración, insolation, harassment and even some shot by the Border Patrol, are young people in these age ranges.

“Of the total deaths, 75 percent had some degree of preparation. 575 of the Mexicans who died had secondary school studies, senior high, even professional. “

Edmundo Ramirez Martinez, a specialist on immigration issues, said he also was the year 2011, more women died in the attempt to cross the border, with 62 percent of the total. That is 476 women killed in the US-Mexico border.

“Of the total 767 deaths, it is estimated that about 60 percent were deaths attributable to third parties, they can be by violence, theft, rape, abandoned in the desert by a smuggler, smugglers, among others. Even murders with organized crime involvement, “he adds.

“The United States-Mexico border has become the largest cemetery of migrants in the world, not just Mexicans, Central Americans, but now, with the graves that have continued to appear in various states of the country,” said the leader of the CNOP.

Arturo Zamora Jimenez, a member of the Commission of Government in San Lazaro, regretted that the federal government has in a process of dismantling the safety net for migrants in Mexico and consular network is used more for political and facing the 2012 election .

He said the federal Executive cut the 2012 budget allocated to the tasks of protecting the National Migration Institute (INM), ie the Beta Group, which is one of the only areas of this unit performing work of real protection for migrants.

Even in 2011 detected a decrease in security personnel at different points, it is the case of Nuevo Laredo, where Grupo Beta has about 150 miles to attend and in 2010 had over 50 items, in 2011, by the lack of agreements with the state and municipalities operated only 10 people.

By contrast, the high bureaucracy INM reported a budget increase in 2011 and in 2012, this despite the recent cases of corruption by state delegates, by abuse against Central American migrants.

Zamora Jiménez, Jalisco lawmaker, said the federal government’s inconsistency is that despite the new Immigration Act that the Executive itself proposed to Congress, not labeled or resources planned for 2012, so that the law will be ” dead letter. “

“As in many problems facing the country, President Felipe Calderón demands the adoption of laws, and when resources are not applied they are used as an election issue.”

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