Danna Hamm- She strips the ‘sexiest’

03 Jan

She strips the ‘sexiest’

American writer and actress Danna Hamm, famous for its resemblance to Angelina Jolie, sheds her clothes for the magazine “Interviú


Danna Hamm- on the beach

Danna Hamm- on the beach


MEXICO CITY, Jan. 2 .- The American writer and actress Danna Hamm, who was voted “the sexiest woman alive in the world” production photo made ​​hot for the first edition of the magazine Interviú .

32, Danna began his career over 10 years as a model, illustrating the covers of magazines fitness and bodybuilding in your country. However, shortly afterwards, was compared to actress Angelina Jolie and her fame began to grow.

Hamm acknowledged that loves to look like Brad Pitt‘s wife, but said he would like to recover the physical actress as before.

“I’m flattered to be compared to Angelina Jolie. Hopefully get fat, because I loved the wild girl with those curves so sexy,” he said.

The Bratz doll inspired

Danna sensual image, with his big blue eyes inspired the popular Bratz doll Dana, who triumphs in girls around the world.

“It’s really cute, I love it. He has been named Toy of the Year, I would like to win a coin with each one sold,” Hamm said in an interview in Interviú .

Danna also wrote several cookbooks, fashion and even one for children. one for children.

Also dreams learn to play the guitar well.

“I’m a fan of the Spanish guitar I’ve even taught. I would be Paco de Lucia … in dreams, “the actress told that reproduces the free voice .

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