inmates of Prison North (Reno) began broadcasting via Twitter

03 Jan
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Mexico City A group of inmates of Prison North (Reno) began broadcasting via Twitter about the living conditions inside the prison in Mexico City.

The account used is @ InternoRENO. So far they have posted 23 photos and a video, which exhibit the “store”, the “salon” and even prisoners sleeping on the floor. Recently released images of the “cottages” that they say are used as a hotel in the days of visit. Inmates who manage the account MILLENNIUM revealed to why and how they decided to report on corruption and conditions “unworthy” prisoners ” underprivileged “of the prison.

How did the idea of creating the account on Twitter to expose the reality of the prison? We thought a long time, but did not know how. One day it occurred to us that Twitter could do something and so we started.

How did the iPhone? There are very few, but is the best tool to do it quickly. I got a family, I can not say how. There are many ways to hide it, but for obvious reasons I can not say.

Do you pay for having the phone or tweet protection? By having your own pay, but do not know that we tweet. They pay between 2 and 8 000 pesos. It depends on who you fix, I can not say how much pay, the internet is not paid, it comes with the phone. ¿a consensus on the information before publishing it?

What is the next problem they want to publish? Yes, analyze it and agreed, the next thing is going to denounce the sale of drugs, we wanted food, but we have not had access to where they do. you have a location that unseen tweet allow nothing, but we care.

What is your goal, beyond exposing corruption? To us, thank God, we do not lack anything, not being in here, but the deal to most inmates are not worthy, food, nursing and facilities are abysmal. And above all there is overcrowding, the sale of drugs, corruption, theft … whole system is rotten.

What is the difference between you and the other inmates? For our economic situation, we eat from our pantry and have TV.

Do you have any contact with the custodians, which facilitates the spread? None. Any custodian has realized that you tweet? No, no one suspects.

Why do you think that authorities have not requested their account be removed or censored? We went ahead and now I can not. These fans have helped us to make an emergency network if that happens and a mirror account.

What are the implications of discovering his identity be? consult with a lawyer, not a crime, missing only the rules for cell phone use , on social networks do not say anything.

Does anyone know more peers that you report on conditions in the prison? You hear the rumor, as there are televisions and newspapers go, no noise. The inmates said that there are sheep that are sending messages of what is happening here, most are happy, but others do not think.

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