MEXICO CITY -the most dangerous criminals have been captured says- Calderon

03 Jan


Felipe Calderón Hinojosa, Presidente de México.
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To mark the new year, the President called to care what was achieved in the fight against crime

In the message issued to mark the new year, President Felipe Calderon spoke of his administration has focused on combating organized crime and lay the foundations of a more prosperous country. In this regard, care must be stated that what has been achieved so far.

“We are sowing the seeds of a new Mexico, a Mexico safe, prosperous and just and that seed has fallen on good soil. Now we must take care to yield abundant fruit and fruit for everyone, “he said.

The president said that in the fight against drug trafficking “the Government has fought with determination against  criminals and have captured most of the most dangerous.”

He spoke of another of the core strategies to combat insecurity has been to clean the police and the institutions responsible for enforcing the law, including federal police and the Attorney General’s Office.

In relation to what happens locally said: “We are driving to the state police to also clean up the police and put in order, it is essential that the police are serving citizens like you, and not at the service of offenders. “

Rebuilding the social fabric in Mexico is also a key task to restore security in the country, he said, and in that sense he spoke of the importance of ensuring that there are job opportunities and better quality of life for all citizens.

“To rebuild the social fabric of society we are strengthening, we are expanding opportunities for all, that nobody is left behind, so that no one goes without health due to lack of money, so that our children have a school, a university where to study, with scholarships to do it, “he explained.

Along the same lines referred to the importance of the country’s poorest families “receive, at least, government support” as that single mothers have crèches for their children and the elderly have access to a extra income.

He also spoke to parents and teachers play a fundamental role in transforming the country to instill values ​​in children and adolescents as work, the importance of effort and convey the danger posed by drugs.

Generate job offers

He recalled that in recent years have faced complex joints such as the international financial crisis and epidemics, but insisted that the Mexican people are responsible and hardworking, and those qualities have enabled him to transcend the circumstances.

“Whenever we have always triumphed over adversity, we have always moved forward, this time is no exception, let’s make 2012 the best year for Mexico: working together, casting eager we will succeed,” he said.

He pledged that in the latter years of his administration the government will focus on creating more jobs, more scholarships and support the population in extreme poverty and marginalization


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