Detected by US spy satellites’ in space above Mexico!

04 Jan
Communications networks located in Mexico belonging to Zetas
Communications networks located in Mexico belonging to Zetas

They use sophisticated communications equipment even on U.S. soil, says a report by the Homeland Security Group Today

Several of the most dangerous criminal organizations in Mexico have established their own networks of high-tech communications, with systems to military grade encryption, for information on the movements of Americans in the border police; group’s report says a Homeland Security Today.

That group, which is defined as “the principal source of independent news and analysis on security issues in the U.S., indicates that intelligence officials are worried their country not only by the use of communications equipment lookouts highlighted by criminal gangs to guide smugglers.

Also, he says, because these “observers” could be used for direct attacks against Border Patrol and other police forces in the border region with Mexico.

Homeland Security’s slogan according to one informant is, “these communication skills should not be taken lightly.”

Border Patrol claims that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and other authorities operating on both sides of the border have become increasingly concerned by such covert communications systems and capabilities.

States that have long been stationed lookouts those even on the U.S. side of the border, or isolated in high places in the main corridors of smuggling drugs and people, where they can monitor the activities of the Border Patrol and how they are applied federal, state and local governments.

Operation signal theft

According to U.S. federal authorities, many of these observers have been isolated and trapped in joint law enforcement operations by land and air, and then examine their communications equipment was found that this is even of military origin.

“As the Mexican government has become more effective in their catches cartel Los Zetas and the Gulf have become more cunning. A month ago I saw the reference to the extension of the network radio zeta in Central America. Although nothing has come out publicly, it seems fairly certain that the network has also spread northward into the U.S., “said a former senior official of the Border Patrol.

The former official said that “where I live on the border between California and Oregon national forests are surrounded by, and heard the radio traffic between them (criminal groups), and I heard that the communications networks indicate that one of them is south of the border with the United States, talking with workers here. “

According to officials familiar with the matter, given the clear threat to U.S. security posed by sophisticated communications systems, intelligence agencies have been involved in assisting border security forces to identify where those computers are located.

Some of these activities are said to include the CIA and National Security Agency to decipher communications of these criminal groups and the triangulation of the sites of transmission of such equipment.

According to Homeland Security, there is “no secret” that both the CIA and military Special Operations Forces of the United States work in Mexico at the invitation of their Mexican counterparts.

It also states that other covert operations by U.S. intelligence operations in Mexico to stop drug trafficking and organized crime have also been launched during the last year or year and a half.

The Mexican army last year dismantled about 170 antennas and repeater transmissions, power supply 166, a wide variety of computers and about 500 thousand radios sophisticated in Veracruz, Nuevo Leon, Coahuila, San Luis Potosi and Tamaulipas.

None of this is a surprise to veteran police officers in the border region, which according to Homeland Security Today believe that at least some of the attacks and gunfire to Border Patrol agents and other organizations along the side of the border United States have been directed by “observers” from their high points of espionage.

Some source said that agents of air, sea and intelligence monitoring the border have found with increasing frequency and encrypted communications “warning about” the movement of the Border Patrol and other corporations, “are very close” to a smuggling operation or appear to try to identify a transmission.

“After all, this sophisticated level of communication of cartels (inside the U.S.) is a national security threat very serious and growing,” they said.

Monitored movements

When the Navy seized the Zetas communication equipment in Veracruz it was explained. When the caravans of soldiers and federal police move through the bush of northern Mexico, Los Zetas knew they were coming.

Taxi drivers or street vendors issued the alert; a portable radio equipped with high technology and paid to work as a guard known as “Hawk.”

The radio signal travels deep into the countryside, hours walk from the nearest road.

There, dark green branches hide a radio tower painted the same color.

An underground hidden cable transmits power from a solar panel and a signal amplifier forwards the message through a network of powerful antennas and other repeaters that extend hundreds of miles through Mexico, a hidden system of telecommunications as allows the cartel to coordinate the delivery of drugs, conduct kidnappings, extortion and other crimes with the immediacy and accuracy of a modern military or police agency.

The Mexican Army and Navy have begun to challenge the system, seizing hundreds of pieces of communications equipment that offer a vision of a sophisticated infrastructure and powerful.

EU police officers on duty and retirees say the team, ranging from professional towers handheld radios, is part of a single network that until recently was extended from the U.S. border south along the Gulf Coast Mexico to Guatemala.

The network operators allowing the Zetas have encrypted conversations without relying on the official network of cell phones, which the authorities can act with relative ease and in many cases lacks the depth of coverage in the Mexican countryside.


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