MONTERREY, NL. Record three more executions in Nuevo Leon

04 Jan

The new year has arrived and the killings are starting allover again, Mexico has become a true Narco-driven state by all measures. The government, the military and the Federal Police are fighting a never-ending battle against organized crime in this country.

Drug cartels and routes in Mexico

Drug cartels and routes in Mexico

In the last hours, three crimes related to organized crime have been reported in the state.

The first case was reported on Tuesday was that of a man executed in the streets of the colony Alfonso Reyes, better known as “the cliffs.”

The incident took place at the edge of 01:00 hours at the intersection of Rivers and Hilario Garza Alfredo Martinez, in the said place.

The young man, wearing blue jeans, gray shirt, brown jacket, black belt and white calcetones, you could see at least one impact gun to the head.

The victim was between 25 and 30 years old and according to early research had a shot at the height of the skull. On the site were found some shell casings caliber AR-15.

In another development than in the colony Mirasol a man apparently was shot against a garage wall.

The crime was reported around 09:00 am at the intersection of Pennyroyal and Narcissus.

Note that the unfortunate had two gunshot fire in the abdomen and one on the right side.

It was reported that the site found several .223 caliber shells. So far the authorities know the identity of this person, who had several tattoos on his body.

The third murder was of a young man of barely 19, who was found dead inside an apartment in the municipality of Allende.

The victim was identified as Juan José Suárez Gutiérrez and had at least 7 shots in his body.

It was reported that last night, “The Johnny” had been living in the department 12, the building at the street Simon Bolivar, the Buenavista neighborhood with a friend and two women.

At the crime scene found 10 .9 mm caliber shells.

It should be noted that last August the young man had been deprived of their liberty.

Gutiérrez Suárez neighbors recounted that morning several persons came to the department of the now deceased and opened fire against them.



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