Caught in Acapulco an alleged head of the sweeper organization

05 Jan
Francis Pacheco Sanchez "Frank"

Francis Pacheco Sanchez "Frank"

Caught in Acapulco

Francis Pacheco Sanchez, alias “Frank”, was arrested while traveling in a van along with three other people

MEXICO CITY, Federal Police arrested in Acapulco, Guerrero, four people linked to the crime of unlawful deprivation of liberty and murder in the service of the criminal group “The Sweeper“, including an alleged leader the organization.

Francis Pacheco Sanchez, alias “Frank”, 32 years, identified as leader of this criminal group, said to be responsible for the planning of Kidnappings, as well as negotiations with the families of the victims, said the Ministry of Public Security (SSP) federal.

Phishing is conducted within the framework of “Operation Warrior Insurance” and followed intelligence reports derived from various kidnappings that occurred in that municipality, said the unit.

The four were arrested while traveling in a Ford Eco Sport. The federal ordered him to stop the unit to conduct a review where to locate weapons and drugs inside, said the SSP.

Teran also captured Adolfo Perez, alias “Mascarita”, 22, Juan Carlos Hernandez Ramirez, alias “El Chile“, 28, and Lorenzo Lopez Santiago, alias “El Cochiloco” of 27 years

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