Peter King seduces Mary Vodka

05 Jan

The 2005 Miss Espalña appears in “Cinema”, which speaks of love without textures, seen in major motion pictures

Maria Reyes - Miss Espalna

Maria Reyes - Miss Espalna

King Peter Vodka joins the list of brands that decide to bet on the culture and especially the music. Mazurskie distiller Miody Del Maestro, the raw material of this drink is very exclusive: arises from Dankowskie golden rye, which only can be grown in the plains of Poland. Furthermore, it is distilled five times, which manages to remain optimally taste and aromas of pure rye. King Peter bet audiovisual piece by 

just recorded. As a versatile artist who is the mother Maria Reyes sings, dances and acts in an exclusive video.

NewAttitude Productions has been responsible for visual shape to this piece.

A video set in the 20’s, “The Roaring 20’s” where the Charleston and parties flooded the minds of high society. A provocative video that will not leave anyone indifferent and which will merge with provocative style choreography and suggestive attitude. The piece is entitled “Cinema”. It speaks of love without textures, the love that everyone has seen major film productions in the black and white film. Love in all its aspects, fun and free in its sexual aspect. Cinéma has been composed by Emmanuelle Lehman, musician and artist who has worked among other artists, Carlos Jean, Rosario Flores Nawja Nimri

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