Mastermind behind the Casino Royale Fires captured!

06 Jan

Mastermind behind the Casino Royale Fires captured!


Baltazar Sauceda Estarda, alias The Mataperros,

Baltazar Sauceda Estarda, alias The Mataperros,

When Baltazar Sauceda was arrested, authorities NL did not know he was for the fire that left 52 dead.

MONTERREY, January 6 .- Baltazar Sauceda Estarda, alias The Mataperros, who is accused of being one of the orchestrators of the attack on Casino Royale, was arrested yesterday by members of the Civil Power.

At the time of his arrest, the alleged perpetrator of the fire that left 52 dead, on August 25, gave the name of Lares Aurelio Cisneros.

His capture was made by the other man, identified as Ricardo Ramirez Hernandez, 41 years old.

Both were presented at the Public Safety facilities in the state, the edge of 17:30 hours.

His arrest took place shortly after 14:00 pm yesterday on Avenida Luis Donaldo Colosio, in Ciudad Solidaridad.

Monterrey authorities reported that they were surprised supposedly doing work halconeo and the time of their capture aboard a unit reported as stolen. The truck had just been stolen on Wednesday and brought plates “hung”.


The Mataperros and his accomplice were in possession of just over 40 thousand dollars, four doses of cocaine, marijuana and a 9 mm gun, also brought, apparently, a list of names of people who “charged floor.”

It was reported that although initially the alleged offender was not identified, as was paraded before the media was recognized by members of the Attorney General’s Office (PGR), which assists in the investigation of the attack.

A The Mataperros is accused of being one of the leaders who orchestrated the attack on the Casino Royale, registered on 25 August last year and where 52 people were killed.

Along with Heriberto Lazcano The Lazca and Francisco Mejia El Quemado was one of the three alleged leaders of z for which the PGR offered rewards those who give information leading to his capture.

For The Lazca offered 30 million and the other two 15 million pesos.

The Mataperros is the last of the four masterminds of the bombing of the Casino Royale:

Baltazar Sauceda said yesterday afternoon, when interviewed, that the police had tortured him and that he did not work for any crime.

Noting the above, without being questioned about it he said that he had not killed anyone, then she claimed that Article 20 of the Constitution, and chose to remain silent.

His accomplice Ricardo Ramirez Hernandez, agreed to work for the criminal group Los Zetas , in the work of halconeo , collection of entrepreneurs floor to the north of the city and sell vicious drug among the sector.

The Mataperros is one of the most wanted criminals in Mexico, mainly in Nuevo Leon.

The man who gave authorities the amount of 15 million dollars for his capture, apparently is walking around freely in the city without being bothered


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