Found dead musician Bob Weston, formerly of Fleetwood Mac

07 Jan

Found dead musician Bob Weston, formerly of Fleetwood Mac

London – The musician Bob Weston was found dead in his London home, aged 64, after suffering a gastrointestinal hemorrhage, the autopsy revealed. The death of former guitarist for the rock band Fleetwood Mac, took place last Tuesday, was released today, both on the official website of the musician, as local police.

Bob Weston formerly of Fleetwood Mac
Bob Weston formerly of Fleetwood Mac

The announcement indicates that the body of Bob Weston was found dead at his home in this capital on Tuesday, after neighbors noticed the absence of the artist, so the complaint immediately know the whereabouts of the musician, worked.

The police officers also ruled that Weston has suffered a violent death, the autopsy said it was due to intestinal bleeding due to cirrhosis. Given such loss, Steve Fairhead, a friend of Weston reaffirmed: “The cause of death has been attributed to gastrointestinal bleeding.

My family and I have lost a dear friend, the world has lost a talented musician with unfinished business” .

The musician joined Fleetwood Mac in 1972 to replace Danny Kirwan, and participated in the album “Penguin” and “Mystery to me”, then leave the lineup because during a U.S. tour, Mick Fleetwood, known of a “romance” between his wife Jenny Boyd and Weston. Later, the late musician, was dedicated to musical productions with exponents such as Long John Baldry, Murray Head and Steve Marriott, as well as solo.


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