The “culpable” the most feared leaders/Criminals in history

07 Jan

Know who your leaders are!

Al Capone; who is the worst?

Al Capone; who is the worst?

The theory tells us that a leader is someone who tries to lead a small group or large group of people toward one common goal, which proved to be positive and beneficial for all. To achieve this, this person must know how to listen, to be conciliatory, organized, inclusive and safe when making decisions.

Throughout history there have been dozens of people, implementing these features, transformed the world, some for good and others bad. Those characters that did harm to mankind, deep down, also had some quality which surfaced its most sensitive and humane.

Al Capone. In the years 20 and 30, this man put in check to U.S. authorities because it was the biggest criminal and smuggler of that country in those times. In addition to leading big bands and arming criminals in his spare time, Al Capone was enclosed hours to compose musical pieces, whose main theme was always the love, something that is very curious given his personality.

Adolf Hitler. The main head of Nazi Germany is one of the characters in world history more damage to humanity, and therefore one of the most feared and yet demonized of all time. Not long ago it was revealed that Hitler was in a noble part in his personality. William Hakvaag, director of a Norwegian museum acquired a German box, inside which hide some drawings of some characters from Walt Disney, made ​​no more and no less than by the Fuhrer, who was a fascination with the story of Snow White.

Osama Bin Laden . The founder and leader of the terrorist network Al-Qaeda, were attributed to numerous attacks against the United States, including those that occurred on September 11, 2001 in New York. Since that time, became one of the most wanted by the FBI and yet, from a distance continued terrorizing dozens of nations. What few know is that this Arab had great attraction for the sports, particularly volleyball. The people who remained close to him said it was a great player and would not allow someone good on their computers were not to be overshadowed. It also emerged that was a fan of soccer and it was speculated that he was a faithful follower of Arsenal.

 Saddam Hussein. established a dictatorial regime in Iraq from 1979 to 2003 and in its ambition to control the oil of the region, established a bloody war against Iran , which claimed the lives of thousands of people of that nation, a conflict that also left mired in severe poverty to Iraq. Oddly, Hussein was also a lover of letters and even, he published several novels, including “Zabiba and the King“, which is narrates his love for his nation a ruler.

The other text in Japan is very popular is “The Dance of the Devil.

Kim Jong il. The recently deceased former North Korean leader, led a life full of luxuries and eccentricities. Among his tastes were closely tracking the American League basketball and great admiration for the figure of the board in the 90’s, Michael Jordan. Jong il had recorded all matches played in this player played for the Bulls while of Chicago, and had a ball autographed by the number 23, constructed several basketball courts in that country, and invited the children to practice this sport to combat short stature among his people said “”

José Stalin. The Soviet leader also taste for politics, he developed an interest in science and art, and perhaps why, for a time was devoted to comprehensive analysis of drawings of naked men, made ​​by Russian artists of the nineteenth century and twentieth centuries. Stalin wrote in several of these works a number of comments on the somewhat daring people there portrayed.

Napoleon Bonaparte. No one doubts the skill in the art of war and military rulers had the French, which led him to take your time, the almost absolute power in Western Europe. The emperor, besides planning strategies, it was time to conduct games of chess, his other great passion, and although there was a theorist in this activity, they said several duels that have been left to posterity.

Porfirio Diaz. The great dictator in the history of Mexico, had a very particular taste he shared with very few, because according to the site “,” the former president was fond of philately, so in his private collection were thousands of postage stamps.

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