Michelle Obama’s tantrums in the White House

09 Jan

The book The Obamas , Jodi Kantor of Periods reveals friction between the First Lady and senior US staff!

Michelle Obama's tantrums in the White House

Michelle Obama's tantrums in the White House

WASHINGTON, Jan. 8 .- Friction between the U.S. first lady Michelle Obama and some members of the White House led to the resignation of several senior officials, according to a book on the presidential couple written by journalist Jodi Kantor.

The most notable were the frictions that Michelle Obama had with the former chief of staff, Emanuel RAMH and former press secretary, Robert Gibbs, who once broke out in anger, according to the book The Obamas .

However, the work of Kantor, a journalist for The New York Times , which published yesterday some parts of the book, was criticized by White House sources as an exaggeration.

Kantor, who interviewed 33 current and former White House officials such as former presidential adviser David Axelrod, spoke also with Barack and Michelle in 2009, to write a story published by the newspaper.

The book claims that the friction with the first lady led Emanuel to resign to President Obama during negotiations with Congress on health reform, but the president refused.

“I’m not going to accept. Your punishment will have to stay here and finish this. I will not let you zafes “replied the president during the meeting, according to the book.

Emmanuel left the White House to return to Chicago, a city which is now mayor.

The first lady also had a tense and difficult with Gibbs when he was chief White House press because one of his tasks was to ensure that the performance of the office of Mrs. Obama was given within the parameters established.

The new book adds to other work on the internal operation of the White House has exposed frictions.

The most recent of these is trusted Men: Wall Street, Washington and the education of a president , by journalist Ron Suskind


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