Cordozar Calvin Broadus Jr.- Rapper Snoop Dogg- arrested possession of marijuana

10 Jan

Rapper Snoop Dogg Arrested at Sierra Blanca in possession of marijuana


Arrested for Marijuana
Arrested for Marijuana



El Paso – Rapper Snoop Dogg was arrested last weekend in Sierra Blanca, Texas, by the Hudspeth County Sheriff. The Hudspeth County Sheriff’s Office, led by Arvin West, confirmed the arrest but declined to give more details.

Cordozar Calvin Broadus Jr. is the real name of Snoop Dogg, who was born in 1971 in Long Beach, California, and also highlighted as a producer and actor. According to his Twitter account, the rapper was in San Antonio , Texas, on Sunday January 8. Dogg was a member of the Crips gang when he was studying in High School. Sometime after his graduation, he was arrested for cocaine possession and spent six months at the Wayside County jail.

His musical career began in 1992 after being released when it was discovered by producer Dr. Dre., one of the highlights of rap. This is not the first of an artist in Hudspeth County, in September 2010, country singer Willie Nelson was arrested for possession of 6 ounces of marijuana at a checkpoint by the Border Patrol.

As for El Paso, in September 2011 were detained here rappers Paul Wall and Baby Bash by also be found for marijuana. According records of the County Jail, rappers, whose real names are Paul Michael Slayton and Ronald Bryant, were released after paying a $ 300 bail shortly after his arrest. “Just salidito County Jail in El Paso with @ BabyBash @ BIGGROY the same tank had Willie Nelson / Johnny Cash, “then Paul Wall posted on Twitter.

The posting refers to the arrest in October 4, 1965 the legendary country singer Johnny Cash, who was arrested in El Paso Airport for attempting to illegally cross pep pills he acquired in Juarez. On December 28 of that year, Cash pleaded guilty to carrying 668 pills Equantil Dexadrine and 475 in his luggage, which he said before a judge “bought at a Juárez street” . Johnny Cash was sentenced on March 9, 1966 to pay a thousand dollar fine and 30 days imprisonment, a sentence that was suspended.



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