Man Arrested with an armed missile in Hermosillo, Sonora

10 Jan
Enrique Soto Cecena loaded Missile Hermosillo
Enrique Soto Cecena loaded Missile Hermosillo

Enrique Soto Cecena, 41 years old, was caught in a joint operation, with the Mexican Army and the State Police

The seizure is part of joint operations between the State Police and the Ministry of Defence.

Hermosillo, January 9 .- In the joint operation, the Mexican Army elements and the State Police assured a man armed with a missile intelligence Ladrilleros Union colony of this city.

This is Enrique Soto Cecena, 41 years old, who was caught in possession of a MK40 MOD rocket and head smoke-producing 3FZ caliber 2.75-inch model FZ-32, aboard a Ranger pickup truck red, as he walked by Calle Joaquin Duran Ladrilleros Union Colony.

Through a statement it was reported that the insurance is part of joint operations that routinely performs the State Public Security Police (PESP), with support staff of the Fourth Military Region of the Ministry of National Defense (SEDENA).

The bulletin outlines that as part of the investigation the suspect was arrested as he walked on board the van for the sector in question, when agents interviewed the driver and searched the interior of the cabin they found hidden behind the back of the seat tube 42 cm cardboard with the inscription: “1 head 2.75 inch rocket FZ-71, explosive charges COMP. B, FUZE MK 352 MOD. FZ3 “plus another 104 centimeters tube containing a rocket motor to 2.75 inches.

That type of weapon is called air-air and is used by the U.S. Army in dogfights because it more effectively than machine guns or cannons combat aircraft of U.S. Air Force.

It was reported that the subject in his first statement said the missile won in Chihuahua and that he intended to sell it.

The rocket and Jesus Enrique were made available to the public prosecutor of the Federation.

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