Mexico is not at war, says Secretary of the Interior Alejandro Poire

11 Jan
we are at war, says Alejandro Poire
we are at war, says Alejandro Poire

He defended the military action in the fight against drug trafficking and said that due to its presence on the streets, crime rates decreased

The Secretary of the Interior Alejandro Poire said that in Mexico “we are not at war,” so there is a work plan to implement and enforce the law.

He defended the actions of the military in combating drug trafficking and said that due to its presence on the streets, crime rates decreased in some states such as Veracruz and denied that the military presence is the source of violence.

Before opening the safety and legality Forum organized by the UNAM and the judge Baltazar Garzon in Xalapa, the Secretary Poiré reported that on Tuesday the Mexican government responded to Human Rights Watch gave the report two months ago about the rights situation situation in the country.

Said they have read with interest the report and that the federal government has “full readiness to take additional measures” to those already implemented during the administration on human rights.

“The protection and defense of human rights is an inescapable priority for President Felipe Calderon government,” he said.

Alejandro Poire inits speech defended what the federal government has made regarding the protection of human rights, the rules were updated and created, the recognition that various organizations (no abbreviation quoted) organizations have made to President Felipe Calderon with everything and the signs of defects found.

Referring to the Forum on Security and Legality, Alejandro Poire said that “in Mexico are not at war.”

“Mexico does not set any of the circumstances establishes that international law to address a situation of war or armed conflict, on the contrary, the federal government has developed, in the hands of the states, a national security strategy

The aim is to guarantee citizens the full exercise of their freedoms and rights and “bringing offenders to justice.”

The federal government has made an effort to contain the criminals, in a short time to transform the legal framework, institutional strengthening and rebuilding the social fabric with a crime prevention policy and promotion opportunities.

Such efforts, he said, are “unacceptable statements like those who say that instead of taking the necessary steps to reform and strengthen the weak institutions of public security in Mexico, the government decided to use them to conduct a war against criminal organizations . Are unacceptable. “

The interior minister said that President Calderon “has fought crime as it must also simultaneously has focused on the work of cleaning, reform and strengthen the security institutions.”

He insisted that had not been acted “would have remained subject to risk and corruption and perversion of the growth of crime.”

“Contrary to the emphasis given in some sectors called war on drugs as the federal government’s effort in reality as we have shown is a comprehensive work plan designed to make work of implementation and enforcement of the law,” said.

Then rejected since the authority has a decision not to investigate allegations of abuses and violations of human rights.

Data cited the complaints against the Ministry of National Defense and those that came.

Between 2007 and 2011 the CNDH received 814 5 000 complaints against soldiers, of whom 90 cases (1.5 percent) were found to issue a recommendation items.

“In each of these cases, the Ministry of Defence has accepted the recommendations and has acted accordingly, and has carried out appropriate criminal sanctions,” he explained.

As for the Navy Secretariat of Mexico, the recommendations have proceeded only in 1.8 percent.

“The percentage of cases in which these violations are very small,” he said.

Alejandro Poire armed forces only play a relief effort to the local authority.

He also gave figures on the enforcement and administration of justice.

Between September 2010 and June 2011, the Federal Public Ministry dispatched 113 000 68 preliminary investigations of crimes under federal jurisdiction, were issued 24 000 251 convictions in the first instance, during the six-year period 6000 captured over 500 suspected kidnappers 466 fugitives surrendered from different countries for extradition.

He defended the strategy to combat organized crime.

“With regard to the strategy of fighting crime has brought neither security nor rights, this statement must be fought,” he said.

He argued that violence is not the military presence, but is due to the activities and competence of criminal organizations.

“Just to address the phenomenon of criminal violence, the increase in extortion, the increase in kidnappings, increasing impunity that attends the strengthening of the activity of state security,” he said.

He said the presence of federal forces is a consequence of criminal violence and not a cause of violence.

“Thanks to the intervention of federal forces there is a significant reduction in violence and insecurity in many places where federal forces have participated in support of local authorities,” he said.

In cities such as Tijuana, Ciudad Juarez, Veracruz and Laguna region there have been significant decreases in the crime rate of 80 percent.

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