six year old Fined for not having drivers license in Juárez

11 Jan

Fined six year old for not having drivers license in Juárez

The incident occurred when Gael, six years old, driving a Motovox trimoto [three wheeler] known as a gated

CIUDAD JUAREZ, January 10 .- A six-year-old was fined by a traffic officer of the border, saying it had no license to drive a motorcycle that you got for Christmas.

The Municipal Public Security Secretariat (SSPM) and also extended the fine Gael Santiago, the offender, was turned over to prosecutors, while the mother said that the situation was the reason why the unusual case came to public light.

The incident occurred when Gael, six years old, driving a Motovox trimoto known as a gated community, while his mother was still in his truck en route to the park in the sector, said the latter.

Meters before reaching the park, in the intersection of Everest and Popocatepetl, the boy reached his helmet hit with a truck body, so that those involved called the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT).

According to the offense in the division raised Salvarcar Corners (4005401) and the sketch-up by the agent of that number 14,008-direction, the car had to make a complete stop and the child a semialto.

Then the agents of the DGT unit 452 of the violation determined to raise a child Gael for ‘driving without a driver’s license, no plates and reckless’, so claimed the motorcycle.

The incident took place on 27 December, when the child received the gift that premiered on the occasion of Christmas, but it was until the case was referred to the Public Prosecutor when he met journalists.

The trimoto Tuesday was still one of the vacant lots the city government, in hopes that the boy’s mother, who requested anonymity, pay violations and come to terms with the counterparty.

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