Arrested `The Professor ‘alleged operator of the Familia Michoacana

12 Jan
The Professor 'alleged operator of the Familia Michoacana

The Professor 'alleged operator of the Familia Michoacana

Mexico .- Results from a study carried out by the Federal Police, on January 9, they arrested Emmanuel Diaz Rios, alias “El Profe“, an alleged operator of the criminal group “La Familia” in the towns of Chichester, Chimalhuacan, Nezahualcoyotl, Kings and Texcoco in Mexico state.

Through a statement made by SSP, intelligence reports indicate that Diaz Rios, alias “El Profe”, originally from the town of Arcelia, Guerrero, joined the organization was invited by his brother Juan Carlos Muñoz, alias “The Relative”, who sent him to the city of Atlantla, Georgia, in the United States, in order to guard a house where cocaine was stored. After his arrest, Emmanuel Diaz Rios, alias “El Profe “said he came to Atlanta to protect up to a ton of drugs, which was distributed by another person  in Atlanta, and packaged the money to be sent to Mexico. He said that subsequently he returned to the State of Mexico to engage in the sale of drugs, and to illegally kidnap members of opposing groups and narco-menudistas who refused to work for “The Family”.

In 2007, Juan Carlos Muñoz, alias “The Relative “, was named chief of Nezahualcóyotl square, with a presence across different groups in several municipalities of the State of Mexico, in order to carry out drug distribution, kidnappings, extortion and theft of vehicles.

At the time Emmanuel Diaz Rios, alias “El Profe” was appointed as manager of the municipality of Texcoco in the service of “The Family.”

The study timelines indicate that after the arrest by the Federal Police of Angel Estrada Ramirez, alias “El Marisco”, which occurred on September 7, 2009, and who was identified as chief of Service Plaza “La Familia” who allegedly ordered and participated in murders, kidnappings and extortion, as well as drug sales in several municipalities in May Rios.

In 2010 Emmanuel Diaz, alias “El Profe”, 30, took control in Nezahualcoyotl, Chimalhuacan, Los Reyes La Paz, Ixtapaluca, San Vicente Chichester, Texcoco and Chalco. research reports indicated that Diaz Rios, aka “The Profe “, was in charge of various groups, who were responsible for reporting on the presence of the authorities in the municipalities that operate in addition to the following crimes: Murder of members of opposing groups, monitoring and control of the distribution of weapons and vehicles used  in drug distribution in several municipalities .

Given these facts, the federal police implemented an operation in the vicinity of Iztapalapa, where they used fixed and mobile surveillance to locate and arrest Emmanuel Diaz Rios, alias “El Profe”, along with his girlfriend identified as Jaret Viani Velasquez Perez, 18 years old.

During this action the following objects were confiscated: A 9 mm handgun, 20 rounds of .223 caliber ammunition, and 20 rounds of caliber 762 x 39. A chip and seven sets of mobile phones, A package containing white powder, weighing about one kilo and 50 wrappers containing white powder in a transparent bag 3,955 pesos and 50 cents in local currency. Documentation for a Ford Explorer vehicle, 2005 model, color Gray, license plates, 43-18 LYM Mexico State.  The detainees and other objects found will be made ​​available to the Agenst of the Federal Public Ministry, attached to the Office of Special Investigations Organized Crime (OFDI).

It should be noted that from July up till today, the Federal Police have arrested in the State of Mexico several members of this criminal organization, among them: Pedro de Jesus Ramirez, alias “El Peter “, who lost his life after gun battle with federal police during a clash on July 28, 2011 in the municipality of Chalco, where he worked as a manager at that post.

Cesar Javier Resendiz Sanchez, alias “El Chaparro” , arrested on August 27, who was identified as second in command in the municipality of Valle de Chalco, besides being the leader of a gang of kidnappers in the service of the criminal organization “La Familia” maul which was characterized by its victims.

Sergio Iván González García, alias “El Chuy” who was linked to the distribution of material and financial resources of the squares of Chalco, Valle de Chalco, Amecameca and Ixtapaluca. He was arrested on August 30. And Miguel Angel Garcia Islands, alias “El Paisa”, arrested on September 24, who served as manager of the municipality of Valle de Chalco.

This action also Francisco Martinez told Betancourt, aka “Tweety” alleged murderer, drug dealer and manager to obtain weapons and vehicles. Héctor Rodríguez Báez Russel, alias “El Toro”, identified as the leader of a most violent criminal group the service of “The Family” who controlled the sale and distribution of drugs, and extortion collection of entrepreneurs and traders. Armando Salazar Ivan Perez, alias “The Adit”, 24, arrested along with three alleged kidnappers more Oct. 19 federal police in the municipality of Chimalhuacan, State of Mexico.

During this action rescued two victims were Kidnapped and deprived of their liberty. Jaimes Jose Antonio Suarez, alias “El Pato” chief place in the Eastern part of the State of Mexico, serving the criminal group “The Family” who was responsible for managing economic resources from the sale and distribution of drugs, extortion and arms supplies. Was arrested on November 29, 2011.

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