“The Bride” 18, “The Cuina” 18, “The Bottle” 22. get Jail for extortion!

13 Jan

Four gang members allegedly engaged in an extortion ring were captured by personnel from the Attorney General’s Office in the act of charging “fees” to a bilingual school in this city.

At least one of those arrested was an employee of the school. Those arrested are Jesus Adrian Flores Portillo, alias “El Pelon” for 21 years, Graciela Torres Torres, aka “The Bride” 18, Edgar Corral Daniel Escobedo, aka “The Cuina” 18, Gabriel Eduardo Avila Botello, alias “The Bottle” 22.

"The Bride" 18, Edgar Corral Daniel Escobedo, aka "The Cuina" 18, Gabriel Eduardo Avila Botello, alias "The Bottle" 22.

"The Bride" 18, Edgar Corral Daniel Escobedo, aka "The Cuina" 18, Gabriel Eduardo Avila Botello, alias "The Bottle" 22.


The atrocities committed by the gang of “La Cuina” as the prosecutor identified, occurred during the month of December 2011 and January 2012. During the first days December 2011, the principal of the school made ​​several threatening messages arrive in the sense that if you did not pay the amount of 30,000 pesos monthly processing fee and / or dues would run against him, would cause havoc on families and on campus; identifying the attackers as members of a criminal group operating in the city.

Therefore, the director informed the telephone number indicated by their abusers and agreed that payments would be made ​​the second week of each month also threatened the victim not to report the facts, otherwise the first death would be a relative.

The investigating officers observed when Edgar Daniel Escobedo Corral “The Cuina”, reached the Paseo mall and walked toward the rear of the building and made ​​the delivery of cash to Jesus Adrian Flores Portillo, Graciela Torres Torres and Gabriel Botello Eduardo Avila, who greeted in a suspicious manner.

For this observed behavior Edgar Escobedo Daniel Corral and the people who received the envelope with the money were detained in terms of the flagrancy in the intersection of Del Huizache Montemayor and the colony El Roble, and transferred to the facilities of the Attorney General, Northern Region, to conduct interviews for. Escobedo Corral “The Cuina “said an employee of the victim, who first served as mayor and now as a security guard, also stated that his girlfriend and two friends whom they identified as Graciela Torres Torres, Gabriel Eduardo Avila and Jesús Adrián Botello Flores Portillo, planned to extort money from his employer, and the profits divided equally. Also, Graciela Torres Torres, Eduardo Botello Gabriel Adrian Avila and Jesus Flores Portillo, said their leader is Edgar Daniel Escobedo Corral (a) “Cuina”, who was the person who planned the extortion and left messages on the door of the school and home of the victim.

Gabriel Eduardo Botello Adrian Avila and Jesus Flores Portillo, were threatened by death was the manager of the phone calls and gave instructions how to make the payment.

Therefore, the prosecution requested the collaboration of employers, traders and the general public should recognize their attackers arrested today come to denounce them.


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