Casey Anthony with a New look! Same old story;

14 Jan

The alleged Anthony says she feels “weird” to finally call something as their own.

“It’s been a long time since I can call mine, something I can take you when I leave here,” she said, without specifying the place where you are, but adds that I will be there until at least February.

Anthony, 26, was found guilty on four counts of lying to police and after serving nearly three years in prison on probation under the supervision of the Department of Corrections Florida, which forbade a court order to disclose the whereabouts of convicted fear of death threats received after the not guilty verdict that left part of the public dissatisfied.

Anthony is currently facing several civil suits against him, including one of Zenaida Fernandez Gonzalez Puerto Rican, who says that with her lies, Anthony ruined her reputation, as during police questioning about the alleged disappearance of her daughter stated that a woman of the same name kidnapped the child.

Cheney Mason, Anthony’s attorney during her criminal trial, told local media in Orlando that the video actually is her client and also said she did not put her on the internet.

Mason, in accordance with the Orlando Sentinel newspaper said the video is part of the therapy of Casey Anthony.

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