After 3 years Obama finally get something right on SOPA Act!

15 Jan


Against SOPA!

Against SOPA!

The administration of President Barack Obama announced yesterday that it will oppose any bill that reduces the freedom of expression on the Internet, cyber risks increase and erode the capacity for innovation in the network.

With this caveat, the White House entered the debate on the proposed SOPA Act (Stop Online Piracy Act) made by the Republicans, seeking to block websites, national or foreign, offering illegal copies of music, movies or television.

“Any effort to combat piracy to protect against the risk of censure online legal activity, “they said in a blog three officials from the White House: Victoria Espinel, Aneesh Chopra and Howard Schmidt.

Cyber ​​giants like Google, Yahoo, Twitter and Facebook oppose SOUP, which would empower the Justice Department to demand blocking sites deemed illegal, threatening to paralyze its operations on January 18 in protest.

In response to a request for comment on the debate, the White House called on stakeholders not only to oppose the initiative, but to make concrete proposals to solve the problem of piracy , its impact on legitimate businesses.

“Instead of seeing how you can stop legislation, ask yourself: what we do from now?”, Explained the officials.

SOPA was proposed by Judiciary Committee Chairman of the House of Representatives, Republican Lamar Smith, but lacks the support of his party.


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