Carrasco Victor Hugo Espinosa, alias ‘El Gato’, captured in Puebla

15 Jan


Carrasco Victor Hugo Espinosa, alias 'El Gato' arrested

Carrasco Victor Hugo Espinosa, alias 'El Gato' arrested

Carrasco Victor Hugo Espinosa, alias ‘El Gato’, who appears in the list of most wanted by the Attorney General’s Office (PGR), was arrested in this city, designated as responsible for robberies in houses and rooms.

Ardelio Fosado Vargas, secretary of state Public Safety, presented Christian Carrasco and Eduardo Baez Espinosa Machorro, 25 year-old native of Mexico City, who carried two 380 caliber weapons, two magazines and 10 rounds of ammunition metal of the same caliber. At a press conference Vargas said, that after having robbed a home in Colonia Mexico 83, officers of the State Police arrested two suspects, although it is believed that they were working with three other accomplices.

He said Carrasco Espinosa 28 years old and a native of Puebla, was required by the most probable cause of PGJE burglaries-room, because together with his accomplices, would have carried about 30 robberies, both in Puebla and Hidalgo.

The state official reported that the circular down the street near the corner of Hidalgo Morelos, Colonia Mexico 83, a woman stopped a State Police patrol and asked for help, because the thieves who were driving three vehicles had entered her home and stole 60 thousand pesos in cash and a lot of jewelry.

The victims, three women, two children and a man, said that they had been tied hand and foot, threatened to be kidnapped or killed, if they did not give them all their belongings, in addition to attempted sexual abuse of victimes.

From this information the arrest of ‘El Gato’ and Christian Eduardo Báez Machorro, the first who has a criminal record and admitted his role in the assault on a cheese company located in the city of Zaragoza. Here, along with three other criminals, seized the safe, which contained about eight million pesos. Knowing that he was wanted by authorities in Puebla, and Hidalgo he fled to Chiapas, where he continued to commit crimes, however, not just burglaries but also on public transportation and auto theft.

In addition to the arrest of the two men, officers seized three vehicles, a white Honda Civic with license plates 510-RXT Federal District, a gray Jetta plates TTL-44-77, Puebla and electric blue Volkswagen Beetle, with gummed-LRV 86-93 of the State of Mexico.

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