National Securities Crusade in response to violence and insecurity in Mexico

16 Jan
Mexcio and the fight against crime
Mexcio and the fight against crime

National Securities Crusade in response to violence and insecurity in Mexico

MEXICO CITY, Leticia Calderon Ramirez, founder of the National Project by and for Mexico announced the National Securities Crusade conducting civil partnership in response to the scene of violence and insecurity experienced by Mexican different regions of the country.

Calderon Ramirez, said the civic association’s mission is to conduct opinion polls among Mexican society to meet their expectations, their goals, their interests and concerns, to promote alternative solutions to identified needs.

In this regard, said that the concern has repeatedly externship Mexican society in recent years is referred to the violent and insecure environment in which it was necessary to develop various kinds of activities: studies, work, investment, leisure and so on.

Hence, the recognition that the association has made regarding the fight against organized crime undertaken by the federal government in coordination with other levels of government.

However, National Project for Mexico and considered that the strategy for fighting organized crime has been partial and therefore inadequate.

Evidence abounds of the above, emphasized the degree Leticia Calderon Ramirez, referring to the latest case publicized by the media and related to a brilliant ex-athlete in football, “Ortiz El Gato” (striped goalie Monterrey, for beyond 1997 ), who recently was presented by the attorney general of Nuevo Leon as part of a criminal gang dedicated to kidnapping.

This and many other cases too numerous to list here, idle, realize that some or much may have failed in the fight against organized crime.

But, above all National Project and Mexico considers that the phenomenon of drug trafficking and organized crime have not emerged suddenly and spontaneously, but are products of a long process that have affected various factors such as education, lack employment, recreation, and culture, but above all, and a transverse component in this process is the loss of values, values ​​that in the past characterized the Mexican family and society.

In this reflection is that it supports the National Crusade for Values ​​Project and Mexico, although it is not something that just started, if, of late is an effort that takes on greater importance and momentum.

The main element, fundamental, this crusade, lies in the women, not just by their presence in the composition percentage of the population, but by their character housewives, mothers and increasingly more often his dual role as worker and mother family, under whose responsibility is also not so exclusive but in large proportion, the training of children.

Thus, National Project and Mexico has made to date incorporation into this Crusade of about 300 000 women, mostly mothers, but also independently of such, have joined the same social workers, nurses , teachers, counselors, women as committed to their environment, family, society and Mexico.

It is through them and also very important with the help of various educational institutions, distributed a booklet (which you have in your hands), which seeks to excite the interest, cause the remembrance if you will, but mainly the analysis, discussion, evaluation and return to the values ​​that have contributed to the preservation and strength of the Mexican family.

We believe that the strategy of fighting crime should have a more comprehensive attack where their effects, inhibit the media and eradicate its roots, which we believe lies in the family. If we put our house in order, Mexico may hope to return to atmosphere of calm and certainty that drove its development in past decades

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