Romney described it as a gift so-called DREAM Act to legalize young immigrants

16 Jan


Hispanics and illegal Immigration
Hispanics and illegal Immigration

The Republican Party aims to strengthen its position among the minorities in the United States and has made ​​its stars Hispanics entering the political campaign scene in time for the next election. Between fear, that the harsh tone towards immigration by some presidential candidates is increasingly anti-Hispanic.

However, advocacy groups for immigrants’ rights and some political observers agree that the damage done, most recently during the internal choice of this political force, may be irreversible. They say the Republican Party has damaged its image while courting the Latino vote which could be decisive to see who wins in crucial states like New Mexico, Nevada, Colorado and Florida.

Mitt Romney “is finished, “said DeeDee Blase founder of We Are Republicans in Arizona.” he will be lucky if he manages to get 8% of the Hispanic vote,” she said. Romney had said he would veto legislation that would help achieve citizenship to some illegal immigrants and agreed to support anti-immigrant activist Kris Kobach, the architect of two of the strictest laws about illegal immigration in the country.

Romney, a favorite to get the Republican presidential nomination, described as a gift called DREAM Act. This law may favor the legalization of some young immigrants who lack permission to be in the country and were brought the United States as children if they attend college or have served the U.S. armed forces.

Other major opponents of Romney, as governor of Texas, Rick Perry, former Senator Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania, and Texas Representative Ron Paul also assumed strict anti-immigration positions during the campaign.

 Due to the severity of the expressions of all these politicians on the subject, his colleague, Governor of New Mexico, Susana Martinez, has warned that even take care of their statements. ” What we have to do is this: we must lower your tone to the discourse, and we have a frank conversation, honest with the voters, “Martinez said Wednesday shortly after the Republican National Committee announced it had hired an activities director outreach to Hispanics and decided to expand its activities in the Latino community.

The Governor Martinez popular political figure among those of Hispanic Republicans in the coming months unfold in states that are battleground. Several GOP leaders believe there is a reason to act urgently and lower your tone to the discourse on illegal immigration.

According to government projections, by 2050, Hispanics will represent approximately 30% of the U.S. population, twice its current rate, it which will result in an increase in the political strength of that community. Given the historical tendency of Hispanics to Democrats, Republicans believe the strength of this organization could be threatened in the future if it fails to progress with this minority now politically essential.


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