President Sebastián Piñera’s, brother accused of violence and drug use

20 Jan

The model Belen Argentina Hidalgo was married to him for seven years and has now filed for divorce

President Sebastián Piñera’s, brother accused of violence and drug use
President Sebastián Piñera’s, brother accused of violence and drug use

SANTIAGO DE CHILE, The Chilean singer Miguel Piñera, brother of President Sebastián Piñera’s was charged with domestic violence and drug and alcohol abuse in the divorce petition filed by the model Belen Argentina Hidalgo, who was married seven years with him, reported an electronic medium.

The portal 21 plays today Change the lawsuit filed in November, on which no final decision yet, although a financial arrangement by which Piñera Hidalgo paid 70 million pesos (about $ 140,000), significantly less than that applied for it: 350 million pesos ($ 650,000).

In its application Hidalgo speaks of physical violence, insanely jealous, and excessive consumption of alcohol and drugs daily and impediments to perform the job of model.

According to Argentina, the scenes of jealousy began during the “courtship” (engagement) of the couple and became dramatic in the seven years of marriage.

Miguel Piñera, known as “Black” in the artistic, used drugs ” that usually mixed with alcohol and drugs subject to control psychotropic drug, “says the complaint.

When the couple separated shortly before she filed for divorce, the singer was a few weeks in a clinic, according to press the heart to treat addictions But he said it was a depression caused by the separation from his wife.

 Jokingly, Sebastián Piñera once said that before he died, his mother asked him to look after her younger brother, which made ​​the singer the subject of humor and imitators, for your brother gives an allowance with which financed their mischief.

Some time ago, Miguel Piñera hid in a clinic and avoided a blood alcohol test after crashing his SUV into the car of a young woman who was injured; he was finally sentenced to a suspended sentence and ordered to pay compensation.

Bethlehem Hidalgo says in his lawsuit that at the time she did not report incidents of violence because she received threats, “including death” to hard to prove “in the appropriate procedural opportunity.” The document notes that in February 2011 at a casino in Viña del Mar, in a discussion, she was “bothered” by a response from him and was kicked in the stomach. “When the guards arrived, he shouted ‘leave me alone, do you know who I am, I am the brother of the President, do what I want, ‘”he added.

Then went to Cerro Castillo’s Palace (summer residence of the presidents), “where we stayed for the weekend and he continued drinking. My fear was such, as I ran around the house screaming that he would kill me, I hid under the bed of the maid’s room. “To hide his jealousy and bruises he gave me, (Piñera) had me traveling to different countries, especially the Caribbean, where he owned a pub nightclub in Playa del Carmen (Mexico).”

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