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22 Jan
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RT broke the story and continued to follow through with update after update throughout the evening, the other outlets left the story where they thought it belonged: under the radar of their own audiences. The campaign that took down at least half a dozen major sites became the largest assault organized by operatives with the loose knit collective Anonymous, with close to 6,000 people at one point engaged in the online war.

Hours later, CNN chimed in. MSNBC followed through as well. Fox News? Well, they didn’t say anything. Fox might call themselves the most trusted name in news, but it is easy to get away with that if you don’t report any. You can’t be reporting lies if you don’t report anything, now can you?

Big Government, the website run by Andrew Breitbart that attacked RT in recent weeks for our coverage of Editor in Chief Dana Loesch’s enthusiasm and support for the US Marines that urinated on slain Afghans, eventually carried the story as well — also hours after the fact.

On Thursday afternoon, the retaliation for the Megaupload raid brought, and to a crippling halt, forcing the sites offline after thousands of users participated in an online campaign to demand the US reassess their War on the Web. Also affected was the official government site for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the online hubs for the Motion Picture Association of America and Universal Music Group, the largest record label in America that had previously put out a hit on Megaupload. The White House was also faced with an all-out web assault, but despite the massive campaign that nearly brown down the Executive Branch’s online presence, the mainstream media was just as in the dark as the RIAA’s website.

Hours after we first started reporting, one email rolled into the RT Web Department, in which an operative participating in the Anonymous-led campaign wrote that they had been approached by CNN, but I can be of service to RT, because I believe they’re real news.”

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