Katy Perry kisses Ivan! on-stage

25 Jan

MANILA, The concert featured the singer in the Philippines last Sunday was an unexpected hero. Katy Perry rose during the course of her show, one of those present. Once up, the Californian encouraged the youth to kiss her on her right cheek.

The man in question is called Ivan Dorschner and was 21 years old. Dorsch was chosen to accompany Perry on stage as part of their performance. The singer decided to give him a kiss before the astonished gaze of the audience gathered there. Before such action, the young man replied, “Thank God”.

After what happened in the Mall of Asia Concert Grounds in Pasay City (Philippines), Dorschner’s name immediately came to occupy the fourth position of the local list of trending topics on Twitter. Dorschner is a familiar figure in the Philippines for their participation in the adolescent version of a reality show.

The Daily Mail asks in one of the owners, if this were an event is Perry action to put his ex-partner jealous Russel Brand. “Last week kissed a bare-chested man in Indonesia,” added the British newspaper. Meanwhile, Brand could be seen at The Lexington Social House in Los Angeles accompanied by two friends.

“Although everything seemed to be part of the show, it was clear that Katy Perry was having a really good time,” said The Daily Mail

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