50 students Ciudad Juarez practicing the so called ‘risuka’ cutting the skin

26 Jan
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Image by Glenn E. Malone via Flickr

Students practice cutting : cutting the skin for tattooing

Authorities found 50 students in a school in Ciudad Juarez practicing the so called ‘risuka’ cutting the skin!

CIUDAD JUAREZ, The educational authorities at the border, discovered 50 students from the same school practicing the ‘cutting’ (cutting the skin to leave marks or tattoos), plan to include a ban on school rules.

The Secretary of Education, Culture and Sport in the state, Javier Gonzalez Mock, teachers mentioned that at the State High School 50 students were found practicing the ‘cutting’.

He explained that the ‘cutting’ or risuka is the practice of cutting with a knife or a sharp object, mainly in the arms to cause wounds so deep, but enough to leave a mark or tattoo.

“The cutting is not a game, much less be allowed to become a fad,” he said, so now runs a training course to prevent and detect it.

The training takes place in the 8334 State High School, located in San Isidro, where 50 students were detected and performed this practice, many of them carved their names as tattoos on the arms.

The training course to prevent and detect the ‘cutting’ will be taught in any school that requests it, in order to spread among the student population and teaching medical and psychological inconvenience of these brands, he said.

He said they are looking for ways to incorporate school rules banning such acts, under penalty of a fine academic, because you cannot deny education to a student who performs the cutting, but you can punish him.

Mocker Gonzalez said the phenomenon has been increasing in local schools, but as the regulation does not cover it now, only notifying their parents, the students think they are just playing around but this practice can be life-threatening and cause mental health problems for the students.

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